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extend, shorten, contract, compress


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How to pronounce elongate (audio)


Dictionary definition of elongate

To lengthen or extend something, typically a physical object or structure, making it longer in relation to its original size or shape.
"The yoga instructor told us to elongate our spines for better posture."

Detailed meaning of elongate

This term implies a deliberate and linear expansion, emphasizing the increase in length rather than width or thickness. For example, when you elongate a piece of dough, you stretch it to make it longer and thinner. In anatomy, "elongate" can describe the process of extending or lengthening a body part or structure, like the elongation of bones during growth. Additionally, "elongate" can be used figuratively to describe the extension or prolongation of time, duration, or a process, indicating that something is being made to last longer than initially expected or planned. Overall, "elongate" underscores the action of increasing the length of something, either physically or metaphorically.

Example sentences containing elongate

1. She used stretching exercises to elongate her muscles.
2. The artist used bold lines to elongate the figure in the painting.
3. The snake can elongate its jaw to swallow prey whole.
4. The yoga instructor taught her students how to elongate their spines.
5. The runner stretched his legs to elongate his stride.
6. The telescope can elongate distant objects, making them appear closer.

History and etymology of elongate

The verb 'elongate' has its roots in the Latin word 'elongatus,' which is the past participle of 'elongare.' This Latin term is a combination of 'e,' meaning 'out of' or 'away from,' and 'longus,' meaning 'long.' Therefore, 'elongare' conveyed the idea of making something longer or extending it away from its original state. As the word made its way into Middle English, it became 'elongaten,' and later, in modern English, it simplified to 'elongate.' In contemporary usage, 'elongate' pertains to the act of lengthening or extending something, often a physical object or structure, so that it becomes longer in relation to its original size or shape. The etymology of 'elongate' directly links it to the concept of making something longer, preserving the historical connection between the prefix 'e-' and the notion of length.

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Further usage examples of elongate

1. The suspension bridge was designed to elongate across the river.
2. The magician used sleight of hand to elongate a piece of string.
3. The researcher discovered a protein that can elongate the lifespan of cells.
4. The boat captain used a special technique to elongate the fishing net.
5. The artist used exaggerated lines to elongate the model's legs in the painting.
6. The caterpillar started to elongate its body as it prepared to transform into a butterfly.
7. She wore high heels to elongate her legs and look taller.
8. The gymnast used her flexibility to elongate her body during the routine.
9. The snake began to elongate as it slithered through the grass.
10. The scarf was designed to elongate and stretch to fit any size.
11. The plastic surgeon used a technique to elongate the patient's chin..
12. The gymnast's flexible body allowed her to elongate her graceful movements.
13. Stretching exercises can help elongate the muscles and improve flexibility.
14. To reach the top shelf, he had to elongate his arm as much as possible.
15. The artist used perspective to elongate the appearance of the hallway.
16. The road construction project aimed to elongate the highway by several miles.
17. They decided to elongate the conference to cover additional topics.
18. The yoga instructor demonstrated how to elongate the spine for better posture.
19. To create a sleek design, they chose to elongate the car's chassis.
20. The fashion designer sought to elongate the model's silhouette.
21. The caterpillar can elongate its body to navigate through tight spaces.
22. The scientist used a microscope to elongate the appearance of tiny cells.
23. Proper warm-up exercises can help elongate your muscles and prevent injury.

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