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How to pronounce prolong (audio)

Dictionary definition of prolong

To extend the duration or length of something, typically an event, a process, or a state of being.
"The mechanic changed the oil regularly to prolong the engine's lifespan."

Detailed meaning of prolong

When you prolong something, you deliberately make it last longer than it would naturally or initially. This action often involves adding time, effort, or resources to delay or extend the endpoint of a particular situation. For example, you might prolong a meeting by discussing additional topics, or a medical treatment might be prolonged to ensure its effectiveness. "Prolong" implies the intentional act of lengthening or stretching out something, often to achieve a specific purpose, whether it's to gain a better outcome, provide more time for consideration, or delay an inevitable conclusion.

Example sentences containing prolong

1. They decided to prolong their vacation by another week.
2. The medication can help prolong the patient's life.
3. His speech seemed to prolong the meeting unnecessarily.
4. The delay will prolong the construction project.
5. To avoid conflict, she chose to prolong the conversation.
6. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your car.

History and etymology of prolong

The verb 'prolong' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'prolongare,' which combines 'pro-' (meaning 'forward' or 'ahead') and 'longus' (meaning 'long'). Therefore, 'prolong' etymologically signifies 'to lengthen' or 'to extend forward.' In modern usage, 'prolong' describes the action of extending the duration or length of something, typically an event, a process, or a state of being. It emphasizes the idea of stretching something out in time, making it last longer than it otherwise would. The etymology of 'prolong' underscores its connection to the concept of forward extension and emphasizes its role in increasing the temporal span of various activities or conditions.

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Further usage examples of prolong

1. The court's decision will prolong the legal battle.
2. He wanted to prolong the moment as long as possible.
3. The chef knew how to prolong the flavors of the dish.
4. Rain can prolong our stay indoors during a camping trip.
5. Negotiations to reach a compromise may prolong the process.
6. Pessimism can unnecessarily prolong the recovery process.
7. They aimed to prolong their lead in the competition.
8. The sunset's beauty seemed to prolong itself tonight.
9. The announcement will prolong the suspense.
10. A healthy lifestyle can prolong your well-being.
11. He hoped to prolong the music festival for an extra day.
12. The decision to avoid conflict can prolong misunderstandings.
13. The jury's deliberations could prolong the trial.
14. Good time management can prolong your productivity.
15. The doctor advised the patient to take his medication regularly to prolong his recovery.
16. Adding more water to the soup will prolong the cooking time.
17. You should avoid smoking if you want to prolong your lifespan.
18. The company implemented cost-cutting measures to prolong its sustainability.
19. She applied sunscreen to prolong her time in the sun.
20. The marathon runner tried to pace herself to prolong her energy.
21. The negotiators tried to prolong the talks to reach a better agreement.
22. The conservationists worked to prolong the lifespan of endangered species.
23. The maintenance crew performed regular inspections to prolong the lifespan of the building.
24. The climber took breaks to prolong her ascent of the mountain.
25. The teacher gave the students extra time to prolong the learning experience.



extend, shorten, reduce, curtail


ACT 9 (American College Testing), High School 5, Time and Chronology

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