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How to pronounce empyrean (audio)


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Dictionary definition of empyrean

Heavenly, celestial, or associated with the highest regions of the sky or the divine realm.
"The painting depicted an empyrean paradise, with angels and divine beings."


Detailed meaning of empyrean

It often implies a sense of transcendence and spiritual purity, evoking imagery of a realm beyond the earthly and mundane. In ancient cosmology and religious contexts, the empyrean realm was believed to be the highest and most divine part of the heavens, reserved for gods or divine beings. In more contemporary usage, "empyrean" is often employed metaphorically to describe things or experiences that are of exceptional beauty, serenity, or transcendence, reminiscent of the qualities attributed to the heavens. This term conveys a sense of the sublime and the notion of reaching for the highest or most elevated aspects of existence, whether in a spiritual, artistic, or metaphorical sense.

Example sentences containing empyrean

1. The empyrean beauty of the night sky left us awestruck.
2. Her voice had an empyrean quality, lifting spirits with its ethereal tones.
3. The mountaintop offered an empyrean view of the valley below.
4. The cathedral's towering spires reached toward the empyrean heavens.
5. He described the music as an empyrean symphony that transported listeners to another realm.
6. The empyrean light of dawn bathed the landscape in a golden glow.

History and etymology of empyrean

The adjective 'empyrean' has a celestial etymology rooted in ancient cosmological beliefs. It finds its origins in the Greek word 'empyrios,' which means 'in the fiery or burning upper region.' This term was used in ancient Greek cosmology to refer to the highest and most ethereal part of the sky, believed to be a realm of pure fire and light, often associated with the divine. The concept of the empyrean heavens influenced later philosophical and theological thought, and the word 'empyrean' was adopted into Middle English from Old French as 'empireal.' Over time, it evolved into its modern form, 'empyrean,' to describe anything heavenly, celestial, or associated with the highest regions of the sky or the divine realm. This etymology reflects the enduring connection between the word and the idea of a transcendent, divine realm in the heavens.

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Further usage examples of empyrean

1. The poet's verses explored themes of empyrean love and transcendence.
2. In her dreams, she soared through the empyrean skies, feeling weightless and free.
3. The empyrean peace of the meditation retreat was a balm for the soul.
4. The empyrean quality of the mountain air made every breath feel purer.
5. The empyrean aura of the ancient temple inspired a sense of reverence.
6. His empyrean vision of the future was filled with hope and possibility.
7. The empyrean heights of success seemed within reach after years of hard work.
8. The empyrean stars shimmered in the clear night sky, guiding travelers.
9. The artist's empyrean brush strokes captured the essence of serenity.
10. The empyrean serenity of the ocean at sunrise was a sight to behold.
11. The novel transported readers to an empyrean realm where magic and wonder abounded.
12. The empyrean tranquility of the forest provided a welcome escape from city life.
13. Her empyrean smile brightened even the darkest of days.
14. The empyrean beauty of the starry night left us in awe.
15. Her voice reached an empyrean pitch during the opera performance.
16. The mountaintop offered an empyrean view of the valley below.
17. His wisdom was often described as empyrean by those who sought guidance.
18. The cathedral's spires seemed to touch the empyrean heavens.
19. The artist painted an empyrean landscape with ethereal colors.
20. The astronaut gazed out at the empyrean expanse of space.
21. The poet's verses evoked feelings of empyrean love and passion.
22. The philosopher contemplated the empyrean nature of human existence.
23. Her dreams were filled with empyrean visions of flying.
24. The music had an empyrean quality that transported listeners to another realm.



celestial, earthly, terrestrial, worldly


Prefix em-, SAT 5 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Divine and Mystical, Mysticism and Spirituality

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