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How to pronounce encompass (audio)


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Dictionary definition of encompass

To surround, encircle, or include something completely within a particular scope, area, or range.
"The festival will encompass a variety of music genres, appealing to a wide audience."

Detailed meaning of encompass

It implies a comprehensive or all-encompassing coverage, as if drawing a boundary or circle around an object or concept, so that it is fully contained or incorporated. "Encompass" is often used in both physical and abstract contexts. In a physical sense, it can describe how a geographical area encompasses a city or how a particular policy may encompass various aspects of a problem. In an abstract sense, it can refer to how a person's knowledge may encompass multiple subjects or how a feeling of love may encompass all aspects of someone's life. In essence, "encompass" implies a thorough, comprehensive, and inclusive embrace of whatever it surrounds or includes.

Example sentences containing encompass

1. The social media campaign will encompass multiple platforms to reach a larger audience.
2. His vision for the project is to encompass innovative design and functionality.
3. The book seeks to encompass a wide range of historical events in a single narrative.
4. The art exhibition will encompass various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and photography.
5. The research study will encompass participants from diverse cultural backgrounds.
6. The proposed legislation is designed to encompass the needs of different socioeconomic groups.

History and etymology of encompass

The verb 'encompass' has its roots in Old French and Middle English, derived from the Old French word 'encumpasser,' which combines 'en-' (in) and 'compasser' (to circle or go around). It entered the English language in the late 14th century. To 'encompass' means to surround, encircle, or include something completely within a particular scope, area, or range. The etymology of 'encompass' effectively conveys the idea of encircling or embracing something within a defined boundary, emphasizing the act of comprehensively containing or enveloping objects, ideas, or concepts. Whether it's encompassing a geographical region, a range of knowledge, or a broad perspective, this term underscores the notion of thorough inclusion and coverage within a specific context.

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Further usage examples of encompass

1. The marketing strategy should encompass both online and offline promotional channels.
2. The training program will encompass theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills.
3. The company's mission statement aims to encompass ethical business practices.
4. The educational curriculum should encompass a holistic approach to student development.
5. The project manager's responsibilities encompass planning, coordination, and execution.
6. The healthcare reform plan aims to encompass affordable and accessible services for all.
7. The national park is vast and encompasses diverse ecosystems, from mountains to wetlands.
8. The company's vision is to encompass global markets and become a leader in the industry.
9. The cultural festival will encompass traditional dances, music performances, and art exhibitions.
10. The team's strategy should encompass risk assessment and mitigation measures.
11. The city's transportation system needs to encompass various modes of travel, including buses, trains, and bicycles.
12. The national park encompasses diverse ecosystems, from mountains to lakes.
13. Her vision for the project aims to encompass every aspect of sustainability.
14. The treaty seeks to encompass all neighboring nations in a pact for peace.
15. The company's success can be encompassed by its global reach.
16. The garden's beauty is encompassed by the lush array of flowers.
17. His novel attempts to encompass the complexities of human relationships.
18. The curriculum is designed to encompass a wide range of subjects.
19. The artist's work strives to encompass the essence of human emotion.
20. The city's history is encompassed in its well-preserved architecture.
21. The exhibit will encompass the artist's entire body of work.
22. The skyscraper's observation deck encompasses a breathtaking view.
23. The challenge is to encompass all perspectives in the discussion.
24. Their love story is one that encompasses trials, triumphs, and time.



encircle, exclude, omit, leave out


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