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How to pronounce entail (audio)


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Dictionary definition of entail

To necessitate or require certain actions, consequences, or conditions as a direct result of a particular situation, decision, or event.
"The job will entail long hours and a lot of travel."


Detailed meaning of entail

When something is said to entail, it implies that specific outcomes or obligations are bound to follow, often in a sequential or logical manner. For example, making a significant career change might entail further education and training to acquire the necessary skills. In the context of legal matters, the term "entail" can refer to the process of restricting the inheritance of property to a specific line of descendants. Essentially, "entail" underscores the idea that certain factors or choices lead to specific, often foreseeable, and sometimes unavoidable outcomes, which may encompass a range of consequences, responsibilities, or conditions.

Example sentences containing entail

1. Climbing the mountain will entail a great deal of physical exertion.
2. Changing careers may entail going back to school for additional training.
3. Repairing the broken machinery will entail purchasing new parts.
4. Taking on this project will entail working long hours and meeting tight deadlines.
5. Moving to a new city will entail leaving behind familiar surroundings.
6. Running a successful business will entail careful financial planning and strategic decision-making.

History and etymology of entail

The verb 'entail' has its origins in Old French, where it was spelled as 'entailer.' It is derived from the word 'tenailler,' which means 'to cut' or 'to notch.' In its earliest usage, 'entail' referred to the practice of notching or cutting into an estate or property deed to specify certain conditions or limitations on its inheritance. Over time, the term evolved to describe the idea that certain actions, consequences, or conditions are necessitated or required as a direct result of a particular situation, decision, or event. To 'entail' means to involve or include specific consequences or requirements that are inherently linked to a situation or decision. The etymology of 'entail' underscores the historical connection between notching or cutting into deeds and the concept of specifying necessary conditions or consequences associated with a particular context or event.

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Further usage examples of entail

1. Going on a camping trip will entail packing essential gear and supplies.
2. Pursuing higher education will entail extensive research and academic writing.
3. Resolving the conflict will entail open and honest communication between the parties involved.
4. Starting a family will entail a lifelong commitment to raising and nurturing children.
5. Embarking on a world tour will entail visiting multiple countries and experiencing diverse cultures.
6. Achieving financial independence will entail saving and investing wisely.
7. Growing a garden will entail regular watering, weeding, and pruning.
8. Launching a new product will entail conducting market research and developing a marketing strategy.
9. Planning a wedding will entail coordinating various vendors and making numerous decisions.
10. Succeeding in the competitive job market will entail continuous learning and skill development.
11. Writing a book will entail crafting engaging characters and a compelling plot.
12. Overcoming a fear will entail facing it head-on and gradually exposing oneself to it.
13. Building a strong relationship will entail trust, respect, and effective communication.
14. Reducing carbon emissions will entail adopting sustainable practices and investing in renewable energy sources.



require, exclude, omit, disregard


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