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How to pronounce comprise (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'comprise'

To consist of or include something as a part or component.
"The anthology comprises short stories from various emerging writers."

Detailed Meaning of 'comprise'

When used, it indicates that the whole is made up of specific parts or elements. "Comprise" emphasizes the idea of encompassing or containing distinct elements that collectively form a larger entity or whole. It implies that the parts mentioned are essential components of the whole and together contribute to its entirety. It is important to note that "comprise" is often used in the active voice, with the whole being the subject and the parts being the object. For example, "The team comprises talented individuals from various backgrounds." In this case, the team is the whole, and the talented individuals are the parts that form it. "Comprise" is a useful verb to describe the composition or makeup of something and highlights the relationship between the individual components and the overall entity.

History and Etymology of 'comprise'

The verb 'comprise' has an interesting etymological origin. It comes from the Old French word 'compris,' which is the past participle of 'comprendre,' meaning 'to comprehend' or 'to understand.' In turn, 'comprendre' traces its roots to the Latin 'comprehendere,' where 'com-' signifies 'together' and 'prehendere' means 'to grasp' or 'to seize.' The evolution of 'comprise' from these Latin and Old French roots conveys the idea that something 'comprises' or includes various elements by 'grasping them together' or bringing them into a unified whole. It highlights the notion that a whole is formed by the combination of its parts or components, underlining the inclusive nature of the verb 'comprise.'

Examples of 'comprise' in a Sentence

1. Countless stars, galaxies, and cosmic wonders comprise the observable universe.
2. A variety of spices and flavors from around the globe comprise this dish.
3. Skill, dedication, and passion comprise the soul of a true artisan.
4. Different cultures, traditions, and histories comprise our rich human tapestry.
5. Fresh vegetables, grains, and proteins comprise a balanced, nutritious diet.
6. Sweet melodies, harmonious chords, and poignant lyrics comprise her latest song.
7. Streams of data, code lines, and user inputs comprise complex software.
8. Intriguing characters, plot twists, and vivid descriptions comprise a bestseller.
9. Bonds of friendship, love, and trust comprise the essence of human connections.
10. Mystery, adventure, and romance seamlessly comprise this gripping narrative.
11. Pain, joy, failure, and triumph comprise the athlete's journey to gold.
12. Rich traditions, modern influences, and future innovations comprise our society.
13. Diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and natural wonders comprise our precious Earth.
14. Silence, sound, rhythm, and movement comprise the dance of the universe.
15. Colossal pillars, intricate carvings, and ancient stones comprise this temple.
16. Vast oceans, teeming with life and mystery, comprise Earth's hidden realms.
17. A myriad of cells, organs, and systems comprise the human body's complexity.
18. Generosity, kindness, and empathy comprise the spirit of true humanity.
19. Fear, courage, loss, and hope comprise the soldier's unspoken tale.
20. Classical, jazz, rock, and pop comprise the world's musical symphony.
21. Love, betrayal, ambition, and redemption comprise the epic's unfolding saga.
22. Colors, textures, and forms, in their diversity, comprise nature’s masterpiece.
23. Night and day, light and dark, sun and moon, comprise the dance of time.
24. Swirling clouds, planets, stars, and galaxies comprise the cosmic ballet.





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