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How to pronounce enlightened (audio)

Dictionary definition of enlightened

Characterized by a deep understanding, wisdom, and intellectual or spiritual insight.
"After months of meditation, he felt like an enlightened soul, finally at peace with himself and the world."

Detailed meaning of enlightened

It signifies a heightened level of knowledge, awareness, and open-mindedness that goes beyond conventional understanding. An enlightened individual possesses clarity of thought, embracing a broader worldview and demonstrating a capacity for critical thinking and rationality. They are receptive to new ideas, receptive to different cultures, and are often guided by principles of compassion, tolerance, and empathy. Enlightenment is often associated with profound personal growth, self-awareness, and a sense of interconnectedness with others and the world. An enlightened perspective encourages the pursuit of truth, self-reflection, and the advancement of society through knowledge, enlightenment, and the cultivation of wisdom.

Example sentences containing enlightened

1. After attending the philosophy lecture, she felt enlightened about the various ethical theories.
2. The young prince traveled the world in search of enlightened teachers who could guide him.
3. The villagers were grateful to the scientist who enlightened them on the importance of clean drinking water.
4. His enlightened approach to business management was recognized and appreciated by the entire industry.
5. Her enlightened decision to focus on renewable energy has made a significant difference to the community's carbon footprint.
6. The museum tour was insightful, providing an enlightened view on the history and culture of ancient civilizations.

History and etymology of enlightened

The adjective 'enlightened' derives its etymology from the Middle English term 'enlightenen,' which in turn can be traced back to the Old English word 'inlīhtan.' The prefix 'en-' in Middle English denotes a sense of completeness or intensity, while 'līhtan' comes from the Old English 'lēoht,' meaning 'light' or 'brightness.' Therefore, when we delve into the etymology of 'enlightened,' we find a rich history that combines the concept of intensified illumination. This etymological origin reflects the essence of the word, as being enlightened is characterized by a profound and intensified understanding, wisdom, and intellectual or spiritual insight, much like the brilliance of a well-illuminated path in the realm of knowledge and wisdom.

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Further usage examples of enlightened

1. The debate between the two enlightened scholars was a treasure trove of knowledge for the audience.
2. Reading that book was an enlightening experience that made me re-evaluate my own beliefs and values.
3. The enlightened policies of the new government aimed to uplift the marginalized sections of the society.
4. She was admired by her peers for her enlightened attitude towards different cultures and traditions.
5. Her enlightened perspective on life inspired those around her.
6. The enlightened leader promoted tolerance and unity.
7. In an enlightened society, education is highly valued.
8. The philosopher's enlightened views challenged conventional wisdom.
9. Their enlightened approach to politics prioritizes human rights.
10. Science and reason are pillars of an enlightened worldview.
11. The enlightened teacher encouraged critical thinking.
12. Enlightenment thinkers paved the way for modern democracy.
13. An enlightened mind seeks knowledge and truth.
14. The artist's work reflects an enlightened sense of beauty.
15. An enlightened citizenry is essential for a thriving democracy.
16. The book offers an enlightened perspective on spirituality.
17. In an enlightened age, prejudice and discrimination diminish.
18. The enlightened ruler governed with fairness and compassion.
19. His enlightened leadership led to positive social change.
20. Enlightened individuals strive for personal growth.
21. The conference featured enlightened discussions on ethics.
22. An enlightened approach to environmental conservation is vital.
23. The guru shared his enlightened wisdom with his disciples.
24. The school fosters an enlightened attitude toward diversity.



informed, ignorant, unenlightened, unaware


Prefix en-, ACT 7 (American College Testing), Consciousness and Awareness, Insight and Intelligence

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