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How to pronounce knowledgeable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of knowledgeable

Possessing a significant amount of knowledge, expertise, or understanding in a particular subject or field.
"The tour guide was knowledgeable about the historical significance of each landmark."


Detailed meaning of knowledgeable

It denotes an individual who has acquired information, facts, and insights through study, experience, or continuous learning. A knowledgeable person is well-informed and well-versed, displaying a deep understanding and proficiency in their area of expertise. They possess a broad range of knowledge and are capable of providing accurate and reliable information or guidance. Being knowledgeable often implies a capacity to analyze, synthesize, and apply information effectively. Such individuals are recognized for their competence, credibility, and ability to provide valuable insights or solutions in their respective domains. The quality of being knowledgeable reflects a commitment to ongoing education, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to expand one's understanding and expertise in a given field.

Example sentences containing knowledgeable

1. The professor is highly knowledgeable in the field of quantum physics.
2. She sought advice from a knowledgeable mentor to navigate her career path.
3. As a nutritionist, she is knowledgeable about the impact of dietary choices on overall health.
4. The lawyer's knowledgeable approach to the case impressed the jury.
5. He is a knowledgeable gardener, offering expert advice on plant care and landscaping.
6. The IT specialist is knowledgeable in troubleshooting computer issues.

History and etymology of knowledgeable

The adjective 'knowledgeable' traces its etymological origins to the word 'knowledge,' which in turn derives from Middle English 'knowleche,' itself influenced by the Old English term 'cnawlece.' This Old English word was a combination of 'cnawan,' meaning 'to know,' and the suffix '-lece,' denoting 'a state or condition.' Therefore, 'knowledgeable' conveys the state or condition of possessing substantial knowledge, expertise, or understanding in a specific subject or field. It aptly describes individuals who have acquired a deep and comprehensive awareness, making them authorities or experts in their chosen areas of study or practice.

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Further usage examples of knowledgeable

1. The librarian is always a helpful and knowledgeable resource for book recommendations.
2. The chef is highly knowledgeable in various culinary techniques and flavors.
3. The financial advisor provided knowledgeable insights on investment opportunities.
4. The doctor's knowledgeable diagnosis helped identify the underlying health condition.
5. The travel agent is knowledgeable about different destinations, offering valuable travel tips.
6. The knowledgeable professor made the lecture engaging.
7. A knowledgeable guide led us through the historical site.
8. She's known for being highly knowledgeable in physics.
9. The knowledgeable team tackled the complex problem.
10. Seek advice from a knowledgeable financial advisor.
11. The knowledgeable chef created an exquisite menu.
12. A knowledgeable mentor can accelerate your learning.
13. The technician was incredibly knowledgeable about computers.
14. The board sought a knowledgeable CEO for the company.
15. Her knowledgeable insights enriched the discussion.
16. A knowledgeable attorney is crucial in legal matters.
17. He's a knowledgeable expert in antique restoration.
18. The knowledgeable doctor diagnosed the rare condition.
19. A knowledgeable gardener transformed the backyard.
20. In science, a knowledgeable approach is essential.
21. The committee sought knowledgeable members for input.
22. The author is highly knowledgeable about history.
23. Seek a knowledgeable trainer for your fitness goals.
24. Her knowledgeable perspective broadened our view.
25. The team was fortunate to have such a knowledgeable leader.



informed, ignorant, uninformed, naive


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