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How to pronounce entrenched (audio)

Dictionary definition of entrenched

Firmly established, deeply rooted, or ingrained in a particular position, belief, or system.
"The political party's ideology was deeply entrenched among its members."

Detailed meaning of entrenched

When something is described as entrenched, it suggests a high degree of permanence, stability, or resistance to change. It implies that an idea, practice, or institution has become deeply and securely established over a long period, making it difficult to modify, alter, or remove. Entrenched beliefs or customs are often deeply ingrained in society or individuals, making them resistant to alternative perspectives or approaches. Similarly, entrenched power structures or systems may be difficult to challenge or overcome due to their firm hold and established authority. The term "entrenched" conveys a sense of stability, rigidity, or resistance to change, indicating that something has become deeply established and difficult to dislodge or transform.

Example sentences containing entrenched

1. The company's policies were entrenched and resistant to any changes.
2. The societal norms were so entrenched that challenging them seemed impossible.
3. The family business had an entrenched position in the local market.
4. The professor's views on the subject were entrenched and rarely open to debate.
5. The monarchy's power was deeply entrenched in the country's history.
6. The religious traditions were deeply entrenched in the community's practices.

History and etymology of entrenched

The adjective 'entrenched' finds its etymological origins in the concept of digging trenches. Its roots can be traced back to the Middle French word 'trancher,' meaning 'to cut' or 'to dig.' The prefix 'en-' signifies 'in' or 'within,' and when combined with 'trench,' it denotes something firmly established or deeply rooted within a trench. In a metaphorical sense, 'entrenched' describes something that is firmly established, deeply rooted, or ingrained in a particular position, belief, or system, much like an object that is securely embedded within a trench and resistant to easy removal or change.

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Further usage examples of entrenched

1. The social hierarchy remained entrenched despite calls for equality.
2. The corporation's influence was so entrenched that it dominated the industry.
3. The school's curriculum was entrenched and rarely revised.
4. The military regime was entrenched, and dissenting voices were silenced.
5. The cultural stereotypes were so deeply entrenched that they affected everyday interactions.
6. The patriarch's authority was deeply entrenched in the family tradition.
7. The company's policies seemed entrenched and resistant to change.
8. Their love was so entrenched that nothing could tear them apart.
9. The political system appeared to be entrenched with corruption.
10. His stubbornness was deeply entrenched, making compromise difficult.
11. The old castle's history was entrenched in centuries of stories.
12. The teacher's dedication to education was entrenched in her values.
13. The rivalry between the teams was deeply entrenched, fierce and enduring.
14. Generations of tradition had entrenched the custom in their culture.
15. The belief in equality was deeply entrenched in their community.
16. The company's dominance in the market was entrenched by years of success.
17. Her fear of public speaking was deeply entrenched and hard to overcome.
18. The division between the two groups was deeply entrenched.
19. His conservative views were entrenched and resistant to change.
20. The roots of their friendship were deeply entrenched, unbreakable.
21. The organization's commitment to sustainability was entrenched.
22. The artist's unique style had become deeply entrenched in her work.
23. The city's history was entrenched in its historic landmarks.
24. The habit of procrastination was deeply entrenched in his routine.
25. The ideology of the regime was firmly entrenched, suppressing dissent.



ingrained, superficial, flexible, unestablished


Prefix en-, Certainty and Conviction, Adversities and Complications, Dominance and Dissent, Discipline and Control, Dominance and Supremacy, Beliefs and Principles

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