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How to pronounce enumerate (audio)

Dictionary definition of enumerate

To list or count items, typically in a systematic or orderly manner.
"I need you to enumerate the steps required to complete this project."

Detailed meaning of enumerate

When you enumerate something, you create a detailed and often numbered list to specify and clarify the individual components or elements within a particular category, group, or set. Enumeration is commonly employed in various contexts, such as mathematics, statistics, research, and administrative tasks. It helps to make complex information more organized and understandable by breaking it down into distinct, countable parts. For example, in a scientific study, researchers might enumerate the different variables they are measuring, or in a financial report, accountants may enumerate the various expenses incurred by a company. Overall, "enumerate" serves as a valuable tool for providing clarity and precision when presenting information or data.

Example sentences containing enumerate

1. Can you enumerate the main points of your argument?
2. Before we start, I'll enumerate the tasks for today.
3. We should enumerate the benefits of this proposal.
4. Enumerate the items you need, and I'll get them for you.
5. It's crucial to enumerate the risks before making a decision.
6. For clarity, please enumerate the steps you've taken.

History and etymology of enumerate

The verb 'enumerate' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'enumerare,' where 'e-' means 'out of,' and 'numerare' means 'to count.' It entered the English language in the late 16th century. To 'enumerate' means to list or count items, typically in a systematic or orderly manner. The etymology of 'enumerate' effectively conveys the act of meticulously counting or itemizing elements, highlighting the deliberate and organized process of specifying and recording each individual item within a larger set. Whether it's enumerating a list of ingredients, a series of tasks, or a collection of data points, this term underscores the precision and methodical approach inherent in the act of enumeration.

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Further usage examples of enumerate

1. To understand the problem better, we must first enumerate the causes.
2. I always enumerate my concerns during our team meetings.
3. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to enumerate your accomplishments.
4. Before diving into the details, let's enumerate the objectives.
5. Enumerate the ingredients, so I can check if we have everything.
6. If you're unsure, simply enumerate the options you're considering.
7. He asked her to enumerate the reasons she wanted to leave.
8. I'll enumerate the chapters that need revision.
9. Enumerate your sources, so everyone knows where the information comes from.
10. To make this easier, could you enumerate your expectations?
11. It's always helpful to enumerate your thoughts before writing the final draft.
12. Before the event, we should enumerate the responsibilities for each volunteer.
13. For the sake of transparency, we'll enumerate the costs involved.
14. Enumerate the benefits, and we'll see if they outweigh the drawbacks.
15. Can you please enumerate the different types of apples available at the store?
16. The instructions enumerate the safety procedures that must be followed.
17. Let me enumerate the reasons why we should invest in this new software.
18. In his speech, the president will enumerate his plans for the economy.
19. It's important to enumerate all the possible risks before making a decision.
20. She asked me to enumerate the benefits of joining the gym.
21. We must enumerate the inventory before placing the order.
22. The professor asked us to enumerate the different branches of science.
23. Can you enumerate the tasks you completed during your last job?
24. I need to enumerate all the expenses before creating a budget plan.



list, ignore, overlook, disregard


Prefix en-, Accuracy and Precision, Order and System, Arrangement and Order

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