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pronounce, slur, mumble, garble


Prefix en-, GRE 14 (Graduate Record Examination), Accuracy and Precision, Nuance and Precision, Correspondence and Understanding, Expression and Communication



How to pronounce enunciate (audio)


Dictionary definition of enunciate

To pronounce words or articulate sounds, speech, or ideas with precision, clarity, and careful articulation.
"She struggled to enunciate her words clearly during the presentation."

Detailed meaning of enunciate

It involves the deliberate and distinct vocalization of words, ensuring that they are clearly and intelligibly expressed, whether in spoken language or public speaking. Enunciating is particularly important in communication, as it helps convey messages accurately and makes it easier for others to understand and follow what is being said. This term is often associated with effective public speaking, where enunciating clearly can enhance the speaker's credibility and the audience's comprehension. Beyond pronunciation, enunciating can also extend to the expression of ideas or opinions, emphasizing the importance of clarity and coherence in conveying one's thoughts.

Example sentences containing enunciate

1. She always takes the time to enunciate her words clearly during public speaking engagements.
2. The linguist can enunciate even the most complex phonetic sounds flawlessly.
3. In the recording studio, he must enunciate every lyric with perfect clarity.
4. To communicate effectively, it's crucial to enunciate your thoughts thoughtfully.
5. The actor's ability to enunciate Shakespearean verses is truly impressive.
6. As a teacher, it's important to enunciate words clearly for your students.

History and etymology of enunciate

The verb 'enunciate' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'enuntiare,' which combines 'e,' meaning 'out,' and 'nuntiare,' meaning 'to announce' or 'to report.' When someone is said to 'enunciate,' it means they are pronouncing words or articulating sounds, speech, or ideas with precision, clarity, and careful articulation. 'Enunciate' implies a deliberate and meticulous manner of speaking or expressing oneself, often with the goal of making every word or idea clearly understood. This term underscores the idea of announcing or reporting something with such clarity that there is no room for ambiguity. Therefore, the etymology of 'enunciate' reflects its historical connection to the concept of announcing or reporting with precision and clarity, emphasizing its role in describing the act of careful and deliberate articulation, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of enunciate

1. The news anchor's skill in enunciating news updates keeps viewers informed.
2. Public speaking courses help individuals enunciate confidently and persuasively.
3. The singer's technique enables her to enunciate lyrics beautifully.
4. Clear enunciation is essential in radio broadcasting for a global audience.
5. The orator's ability to enunciate his vision for change captivated the crowd.
6. Please enunciate your point more succinctly.
7. It is important to enunciate each syllable when learning a new language.
8. The news anchor failed to enunciate the politician's name correctly.
9. The coach instructed the team to enunciate their goals for the upcoming season.
10. He tried to enunciate his feelings but stumbled over his words.
11. The singer's voice was so powerful that she could enunciate every note flawlessly.
12. The teacher asked the students to enunciate each letter of the alphabet.
13. It's crucial to enunciate the company's mission statement clearly to the employees.
14. The speech therapist worked with the child to help her enunciate her speech properly.
15. The actor was praised for his ability to enunciate his lines clearly on stage.
16. The conductor reminded the orchestra members to enunciate the musical phrases precisely.
17. The linguistics professor explained how certain sounds are enunciated in different languages.
18. She had a tendency to rush her sentences and neglect to enunciate certain words.
19. The speech therapist recommended exercises to help the patient enunciate his speech more accurately.
20. The radio host had a captivating voice and knew how to enunciate his words effectively.
21. The elocution teacher emphasized the importance of enunciating each word correctly.
22. The singer's diction was impeccable, and she enunciated every lyric with clarity.
23. The debate moderator reminded the candidates to enunciate their arguments clearly for the audience.

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