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How to pronounce eructate (audio)

Dictionary definition of eructate

To belch or release gas from the stomach through the mouth with a loud noise.
"He tried to suppress the urge to eructate in the quiet library."

Detailed meaning of eructate

It is a formal or medical term for burping, and is often used to describe excessive or involuntary burping that may be a symptom of an underlying health condition. Eructation is a normal bodily function that helps to relieve excess gas in the digestive system, but frequent or persistent eructation may indicate a digestive disorder or other medical problem. The act of eructating is typically accompanied by a loud noise or sound, and can sometimes be embarrassing in social situations. Overall, while eructating is a natural bodily process, excessive or uncontrollable eructation may warrant medical attention to rule out any underlying health issues.

Example sentences containing eructate

1. People often eructate after consuming carbonated beverages.
2. If you eat too quickly, you may eructate.
3. Some cultures find it polite to eructate after a meal as a sign of satisfaction.
4. If you eructate loudly in public, you might attract unwanted attention.
5. I can't help but eructate after eating spicy food.
6. Eructate quietly if it's necessary, but try not to draw attention to it.

History and etymology of eructate

The verb 'eructate' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'eructare,' which means 'to belch' or 'to discharge.' This Latin term, in turn, is connected to 'eructus,' which means 'a belch.' The word 'eructate' is quite onomatopoeic, as it mirrors the sound of the action it describes. When someone eructates, they release gas, often from the stomach, through the mouth with a distinctive loud noise. This term is relatively formal and is more commonly found in medical or scientific contexts. The etymology of 'eructate' reflects its historical connection to the expulsion of gas or air from the digestive system, capturing the essence of this bodily function with linguistic precision.

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Further usage examples of eructate

1. It's not uncommon to eructate after consuming a large meal.
2. Certain foods might cause you to eructate more frequently.
3. If you eructate excessively, it might indicate a digestive issue.
4. Is it healthy to eructate after every meal?
5. It's considered bad manners to eructate loudly in some societies.
6. Some people eructate as a result of swallowing too much air.
7. Try not to eructate while giving a speech.
8. Sometimes, to eructate can provide relief from discomfort in the stomach.
9. If you're prone to eructate after meals, try eating slower.
10. Don't eructate in someone's face; it's disrespectful.
11. He tries not to eructate loudly in the library.
12. If you eructate in a silent room, you might feel a bit embarrassed.
13. Children often find it funny to eructate on purpose.
14. If you eructate frequently, you might want to consult a doctor.



belch, withhold, suppress, contain


SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Health and Physiology, Physiology and Anatomy

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