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How to pronounce espouse (audio)


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Dictionary definition of espouse

To adopt, support, or advocate for a particular belief, cause, ideology, opinion, or practice.
"It's important to espouse values of honesty and integrity in the workplace."


Detailed meaning of espouse

When someone espouses something, they express a strong commitment or endorsement of it, often publicly. This can involve taking a stance, defending a viewpoint, or actively promoting a specific set of principles or values. People might espouse political ideologies, religious beliefs, social causes, or personal philosophies. The act of espousing implies a genuine and wholehearted embrace of the chosen position, and individuals who espouse certain ideals are often seen as champions or proponents of those beliefs. It's a word that underscores dedication and commitment to a particular perspective or cause, and it's commonly used in discussions related to personal, social, or political convictions.

Example sentences containing espouse

1. As an environmentalist, he tends to espouse sustainable living practices.
2. Many celebrities use their platform to espouse various social issues.
3. You need not espouse my beliefs, but I would appreciate your respect for them.
4. The organization espouses the importance of education for all children.
5. She always tries to espouse tolerance and empathy in her daily life.
6. The politician tries to espouse the views of his constituents in his speeches.

History and etymology of espouse

The verb 'espouse' has its etymological roots in Latin and Old French. It is derived from the Latin word 'sponsus,' which means 'betrothed' or 'promised in marriage.' In Old French, it evolved into 'espouser,' meaning 'to marry' or 'to give one's pledge.' In English, 'espouse' is used in a broader sense to mean adopting, supporting, or advocating for a particular belief, cause, ideology, opinion, or practice. It conveys the idea of a committed and enthusiastic embrace of these ideas, as if one were making a solemn pledge or commitment. 'Espouse' is often applied to individuals or groups who actively promote or champion a specific cause or perspective, highlighting their dedication and alignment with the principles they endorse.

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Further usage examples of espouse

1. The new company proudly espouses a culture of inclusivity and diversity.
2. They espouse a lifestyle of minimalism to reduce waste.
3. The party decided to espouse a policy of social equality in their manifesto.
4. He's known to espouse controversial opinions just to get a reaction.
5. The book espouses the theory that discipline and perseverance lead to success.
6. She uses her blog to espouse veganism and its benefits.
7. We should espouse policies that promote environmental conservation.
8. The manager espouses a hands-off approach to leadership, trusting his team to make decisions.
9. The school espouses the belief that every child can succeed with the right support.
10. The young activists espouse a vision of a more equitable and just society.
11. While many espouse the importance of physical health, mental health often gets overlooked.
12. He continues to espouse the cause of animal rights.
13. The non-profit organization espouses the need for clean drinking water in underprivileged regions.
14. She vehemently espoused the idea of environmental conservation.
15. The politician openly espoused progressive social policies.
16. They passionately espoused a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons.
17. Our teacher encourages us to espouse critical thinking.
18. He's known for espousing the principles of non-violence.
19. The organization aims to espouse gender equality worldwide.
20. She actively espouses the importance of mental health awareness.
21. They both espouse the value of lifelong learning.
22. The author's books often espouse themes of resilience.
23. The coach urges his team to espouse a never-give-up attitude.



support, oppose, reject, condemn


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