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How to pronounce favor (audio)


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Dictionary definition of favor

An act of kindness or assistance offered to someone without any expectation of immediate repayment.
"John asked his coworker for a small favor, requesting a pen since he had forgotten his at home."

Detailed meaning of favor

It embodies a selfless gesture meant to support, help, or accommodate another person's needs or desires. The concept of favor revolves around going above and beyond what is typically required or expected, often in situations where someone requires assistance or a boost in their endeavors. Favors can take various forms, such as providing guidance, lending a helping hand, offering resources, or granting a request. They can be small acts of consideration or significant deeds that make a lasting impact on the recipient. The essence of a favor lies in the genuine intention to support others and promote a sense of goodwill and reciprocity within a community or relationship.

Example sentences containing favor

1. Sarah asked her friend for a favor and he readily agreed to help her move to a new apartment.
2. As a sign of gratitude, Lisa returned the favor by baking homemade cookies for her neighbor.
3. The boss asked for a favor from his employees, requesting their assistance in completing an urgent project.
4. Emily felt indebted to her sister for doing her a favor by babysitting her children while she attended an important meeting.
5. In return for a favor, Mike offered to walk his neighbor's dog for a week while they were on vacation.
6. The teacher asked the students for a favor, requesting that they submit their assignments before the deadline.

History and etymology of favor

The noun 'favor' has its roots in the Latin word 'favorem,' which means 'goodwill' or 'kindness.' In Old French, it evolved into 'favor' with a similar sense of benevolence and kindness. Over time, it entered Middle English as 'favour,' retaining its meaning of an act of kindness or assistance offered to someone without any immediate expectation of repayment. The etymology of 'favor' underscores its association with the concept of goodwill and benevolence, highlighting the notion that when someone does a favor, they are extending a gesture of kindness or assistance out of genuine goodwill towards another person.

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Further usage examples of favor

1. Mark called in a favor from his old college roommate, who used his connections to secure him an interview at a prestigious company.
2. Sarah's favor of lending her notes to her classmate helped him pass the exam.
3. The favor of offering a ride to the airport saved Jane from the hassle of arranging transportation.
4. James asked his neighbor for a favor, borrowing his lawnmower to tidy up his overgrown lawn.
5. Sarah's favor of proofreading her friend's essay resulted in a higher grade for him.
6. She asked for a favor, and I gladly offered to help without hesitation.
7. Performing a small favor for a friend can strengthen your bond.
8. I owe him a favor for the assistance he provided during the move.
9. It's always a good feeling when someone does you a favor.
10. Offering a favor can make someone's day a little brighter.
11. Kindness is often expressed through simple acts of favor.
12. Can you do me a favor and pick up groceries on your way home?
13. I'm happy to return the favor whenever you need assistance.
14. He didn't hesitate to grant her favor when she asked for help.
15. A favor received is a favor I'm always willing to repay.
16. Don't be afraid to ask for a favor when you genuinely need it.
17. They did me a huge favor by covering my shift at work.
18. Random acts of favor can make the world a better place.
19. She's known for her generosity in doing favors for others.
20. Returning a favor is a way to show gratitude for kindness.
21. I appreciate your willingness to do me a favor when I was in need.
22. Offering a favor can create a ripple effect of kindness.
23. Small favors can have a big impact on someone's day.
24. Can I trouble you for a favor? I need help moving this weekend.
25. Doing a favor for a stranger can brighten both your days.



kindness, disservice, hindrance, obstruction


Suffix -or, High School 6, Middle School 14, Empathy and Compassion

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