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How to pronounce ethos (audio)

Dictionary definition of ethos

The fundamental character or guiding beliefs that shape an individual, group, organization, or community.
"The organization's ethos emphasizes honesty, integrity, and transparency."

Detailed meaning of ethos

It encompasses the values, principles, and moral framework that govern their behavior, actions, and decision-making processes. Ethos is deeply rooted in the shared attitudes, customs, traditions, and ideals of a particular culture or society. It reflects the overall spirit and credibility of an entity, as it influences how it is perceived and trusted by others. Ethos plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining trust, integrity, and authenticity, as it represents the core identity and ethical foundation upon which individuals and institutions operate. It serves as a compass, shaping the ethical standards and conduct that uphold and define their character and reputation in various contexts, be it in academia, professions, leadership, or public life.

Example sentences containing ethos

1. The company's ethos revolves around sustainability and environmental responsibility.
2. The school promotes a strong ethos of inclusivity and respect for diversity.
3. Our team's ethos is built on collaboration and open communication.
4. The political party's ethos centers around social justice and equality.
5. The artist's work reflects the ethos of self-expression and individuality.
6. The medical center upholds an ethos of patient-centered care and compassion.

History and etymology of ethos

The noun 'ethos' derives its etymology from the ancient Greek word 'ἦθος' (ēthos), which can be traced back to the 4th century BCE. In its original Greek context, 'ἦθος' referred to the character or disposition of an individual or a community. This term was deeply rooted in Greek philosophy and ethics, particularly in the works of Aristotle. It encompassed the fundamental beliefs, customs, and moral values that shaped the behavior and identity of a person or a society. Over time, as Greek philosophy and culture influenced the development of language, 'ethos' made its way into English, retaining its essence as a concept that embodies the intrinsic character and guiding principles of a person, group, organization, or community.

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Further usage examples of ethos

1. The coach instilled a strong ethos of discipline and dedication in the team.
2. The community's ethos is rooted in a strong sense of civic duty and community engagement.
3. The restaurant's ethos focuses on using locally sourced, organic ingredients.
4. The university has a strong ethos of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.
5. The non-profit organization's ethos is centered on making a positive impact in the community.
6. The company's ethos prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction above all else.
7. Our school's ethos promotes inclusivity and diversity in every aspect.
8. A strong ethical ethos underpins our organization's mission and values.
9. The political party's ethos is rooted in social justice and equality.
10. The team's winning ethos stems from dedication and hard work.
11. The community's ethos of unity helped them overcome adversity.
12. A shared ethos of sustainability drives our environmental initiatives.
13. The hospital's ethos emphasizes patient care and compassion.
14. The ethos of trust is crucial in building strong relationships.
15. The family's ethos values tradition and heritage.
16. Our club's ethos fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
17. The artist's creative ethos is evident in their unique works.
18. A strong ethos of accountability is expected in this organization.
19. The ethos of perseverance led to their remarkable achievements.
20. The school's ethos encourages critical thinking and curiosity.
21. An ethos of transparency builds trust with stakeholders.
22. The company's ethos of integrity guides its ethical decisions.
23. Our community's ethos is built on cooperation and support.
24. The restaurant's ethos is to serve fresh, locally-sourced food.
25. The ethos of teamwork is central to our project's success.



character, amorality, unprincipled, dishonor


Basic and Fundamental, Community and Society, Beliefs and Principles

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