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How to pronounce exhausting (audio)

Dictionary definition of exhausting

Physically or mentally draining, resulting in extreme fatigue or weariness.
"The exam was mentally exhausting, requiring hours of focused concentration."

Detailed meaning of exhausting

It implies a state of extreme exertion or effort that leaves one feeling completely depleted. When an activity, task, or experience is described as exhausting, it indicates that it requires a significant amount of energy, both physically and mentally. It often involves prolonged or strenuous physical activity, such as intense workouts or demanding manual labor, but it can also refer to mentally taxing situations, such as complex problem-solving or dealing with high-pressure responsibilities. The feeling of exhaustion can be accompanied by a sense of being overwhelmed or depleted, where one's energy reserves have been fully utilized. Overall, "exhausting" signifies a state of extreme tiredness resulting from the expenditure of considerable physical or mental energy.

Example sentences containing exhausting

1. The hike up the steep mountain trail was exhausting, but the view from the top was breathtaking.
2. After a long day of moving furniture, I felt utterly exhausted and collapsed onto the couch.
3. The intense workout at the gym was exhausting, but it left me feeling accomplished.
4. She found the constant demands of her job to be mentally exhausting.
5. Taking care of young children can be physically and emotionally exhausting.
6. The marathon was grueling and exhausting, but crossing the finish line was an incredible achievement.

History and etymology of exhausting

The adjective 'exhausting' stems from the Latin root 'exhaustus,' which is the past participle of the verb 'exhaustare.' This Latin word is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out,' and 'haustus,' derived from 'haurire,' meaning 'to draw' or 'to drain.' The etymology of 'exhausting' thus carries the idea of drawing out or draining to the point of depletion, which aligns with its contemporary meaning of something that is physically or mentally draining, leading to extreme fatigue or weariness. Over time, this sense of thorough depletion evolved, and 'exhausting' came to describe activities or experiences that leave individuals feeling thoroughly drained and fatigued, highlighting the profound impact they have on one's energy and well-being.

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Further usage examples of exhausting

1. Working long hours without breaks can be mentally and physically exhausting.
2. The never-ending meetings and deadlines were exhausting, leaving little time for relaxation.
3. Traveling to multiple cities in a short period was exciting but exhausting.
4. The high-pressure sales environment was mentally and emotionally exhausting.
5. The rigorous training for the dance competition was physically exhausting, but it paid off with a stellar performance.
6. The marathon was incredibly exhausting, leaving runners gasping for breath.
7. Solving complex math problems can be mentally exhausting for many.
8. The long, exhausting hike to the mountain peak was worth the effort.
9. After an exhausting day at work, I just want to relax and unwind.
10. Endless paperwork made the administrative task feel truly exhausting.
11. Staying up all night to finish the project was physically exhausting.
12. The constant noise in the city can be mentally exhausting at times.
13. Parenting can be emotionally exhausting but also incredibly rewarding.
14. The relentless heatwave made outdoor activities truly exhausting.
15. The suspenseful thriller left me mentally exhausted but intrigued.
16. Commuting in rush hour traffic can be emotionally exhausting.
17. The demanding boss made the workweek even more exhausting.
18. An exhausting journey led us to a beautiful, remote beach.
19. The roller coaster ride was thrilling but also physically exhausting.
20. Balancing work and family life can be mentally exhausting.
21. The rigorous training regime was physically and mentally exhausting.
22. Overthinking every decision can be mentally exhausting.
23. The challenging crossword puzzle proved to be mentally exhausting.
24. The relentless rain made the camping trip exhausting and damp.
25. The emotional rollercoaster of a breakup is truly exhausting.



draining, invigorating, energizing, refreshing


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