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How to pronounce grueling (audio)

Dictionary definition of grueling

Extremely demanding, exhausting, or challenging, often to the point of causing physical or mental fatigue.
"The mountain climber faced a grueling ascent to reach the summit."

Detailed meaning of grueling

It is typically used to describe tasks, activities, or experiences that require a significant amount of effort, endurance, and resilience in order to be completed or overcome. A gruelling task might involve long hours of physical labor, intense mental concentration, or emotional stress, while a gruelling experience might involve enduring extreme weather conditions, surviving a traumatic event, or facing a difficult and uncertain situation. The term "gruelling" conveys a sense of hardship and difficulty, suggesting that the task or experience is both physically and emotionally taxing. Overall, the adjective "gruelling" suggests a situation that is extremely challenging and demanding, requiring significant effort and endurance to overcome.

Example sentences containing grueling

1. The marathon was a grueling test of endurance for all the runners.
2. The athlete's grueling training regimen left her exhausted but determined.
3. The construction worker's job was grueling, requiring long hours of physical labor.
4. The soldier's grueling boot camp prepared him for the rigors of combat.
5. The student's grueling study schedule paid off with a perfect GPA.
6. The chef's grueling kitchen shift ended in a delicious meal for customers.

History and etymology of grueling

The term 'grueling' finds its origins in the mid-18th century. It is believed to have been derived from the word 'gruel,' which initially referred to a thin, watery porridge made by boiling grains. This porridge was often considered monotonous and unappetizing, and thus, the word 'gruel' gradually came to symbolize something arduous and demanding. Over time, 'grueling' evolved to describe tasks, activities, or experiences that are excessively taxing and strenuous, often pushing individuals to their limits, both physically and mentally. Its etymology reflects the idea of enduring hardship and fatigue, much like the unappetizing nature of the original gruel.

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Further usage examples of grueling

1. The writer's grueling process of editing and revising resulted in a bestselling novel.
2. The actor's grueling rehearsal schedule prepared her for a flawless performance.
3. The firefighter's grueling training allowed her to save lives in dangerous situations.
4. The astronaut's grueling mission required months of preparation and training.
5. The swimmer's grueling race ended with a new world record.
6. The marathon's grueling terrain challenged even the most seasoned runners.
7. His grueling work hours left him physically and mentally exhausted.
8. Climbing the mountain was a grueling test of strength and determination.
9. The exam was known for its grueling questions that stumped many.
10. Surviving in the wilderness required grueling feats of survival skills.
11. The job's grueling demands left employees drained and overworked.
12. The desert race was a grueling battle against scorching heat and exhaustion.
13. Military training is renowned for its grueling physical and mental trials.
14. The interview process included grueling assessments of problem-solving skills.
15. The expedition's grueling conditions pushed adventurers to their limits.
16. The grueling competition tested athletes' endurance and perseverance.
17. The job's grueling pace led to high turnover among employees.
18. Climbing Everest is a grueling challenge that only a few conquer.
19. The marathon was a grueling race through varied terrain.
20. Surviving in the Arctic wilderness is a grueling feat of human resilience.
21. Military training includes grueling physical and mental exercises.
22. The grueling hike left hikers exhausted but exhilarated.
23. The project's grueling timeline required round-the-clock dedication.
24. The desert trek was a grueling expedition in extreme heat.
25. The exam's grueling complexity left students feeling overwhelmed.



exhausting, effortless, easy, simple


Problems and Conundrums, Demanding and Challenging, Adversity and Obstacle, Perseverance and Fortitude, Hardship and Suffering

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