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How to pronounce forward (audio)


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Dictionary definition of forward

Indicating movement or progress towards a particular destination or goal.
"She took a forward step, eager to embrace new challenges."

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Detailed meaning of forward

It implies being ahead, in front, or advanced in relation to a reference point. When used to describe a physical position or movement, it suggests being situated or moving in the front or ahead of something or someone. In a metaphorical sense, "forward" can describe a proactive, assertive, or proactive attitude, indicating a readiness to take initiative or make advancements. It signifies a mindset focused on future possibilities and a willingness to explore new opportunities. Whether applied to time, ideas, actions, or attitudes, the adjective "forward" conveys a sense of momentum, ambition, and a drive towards growth and achievement.

Example sentences containing forward

1. The team made a forward pass to advance the ball towards the opponent's goal.
2. The company's forward-thinking approach led to innovative product development.
3. The child took a forward leap, excitedly diving into the pool.
4. We need to have a forward outlook to anticipate future trends.
5. The CEO shared a forward vision for the company's expansion into new markets.
6. The student displayed a forward attitude, always eager to learn and explore.

History and etymology of forward

The adjective 'forward' has a straightforward etymology, rooted in Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'foreweard,' which is a combination of 'fore,' meaning 'before' or 'in front of,' and 'weard,' meaning 'direction' or 'toward.' In essence, 'forward' originally described the direction of movement or progress that is ahead or toward a particular destination or goal. This etymology underscores the inherent sense of direction and advancement associated with the word 'forward,' making it a fitting term to indicate movement or progress towards a specific objective or endpoint.

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Further usage examples of forward

1. The forward momentum of the project propelled it towards success.
2. He made a forward motion with his hand, signaling everyone to move ahead.
3. The forward strategy implemented by the team resulted in significant growth.
4. The artist's forward creativity pushed the boundaries of traditional art.
5. The forward trajectory of her career showcased her dedication and ambition.
6. The forward march of technology continues to shape our future.
7. Her forward thinking led to innovative solutions.
8. Let's take a forward approach to solving this problem.
9. The forward momentum of the project is impressive.
10. He's a forward-looking leader with a vision for success.
11. The forward trajectory of the rocket was flawless.
12. We need to make a forward leap in our business strategy.
13. The forward march of time waits for no one.
14. Forward planning is essential for achieving long-term goals.
15. Her forward motion on the track earned her a gold medal.
16. We must maintain a forward perspective to navigate change.
17. The forward expansion of the company requires careful planning.
18. His forward attitude towards challenges is inspiring.
19. The forward movement of the conveyor belt ensures efficiency.
20. The forward shift in market trends demands adaptability.
21. Let's focus on the forward direction to reach our goals.
22. The forward thrust of the engine propelled the car forward.
23. Our forward momentum in research leads to breakthroughs.
24. A forward approach to education promotes student success.
25. The forward-looking policies aim to improve society.



advancing, backward, retreating, regressive


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