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How to pronounce hasten (audio)

Dictionary definition of hasten

To accelerate or speed up a process, event, or action.
"The workers hasten to complete the repairs."

Detailed meaning of hasten

It implies a sense of urgency or the desire to make something happen quickly. When one hastens, they take deliberate and purposeful steps to expedite the completion of a task or the occurrence of an event. It involves acting promptly and efficiently, often with the intention of achieving a specific outcome within a shorter timeframe. The act of hastening can involve taking decisive actions, allocating additional resources, or removing obstacles that might impede progress. Overall, to hasten is to exert effort and move swiftly in order to expedite or facilitate a particular action or event.

Example sentences containing hasten

1. We must hasten to finish the project before the deadline.
2. Please hasten to send me the documents I requested.
3. They hasten to gather all the necessary materials for the presentation.
4. If we hasten, we can catch the last train.
5. She will hasten to the store before it closes.
6. When he heard the news, he had to hasten to the hospital.

History and etymology of hasten

The verb 'hasten' has its roots in the Middle English word 'hastnen,' which was derived from the Old French verb 'haster.' Old French, in turn, borrowed this word from the Latin 'festinare,' a verb meaning 'to hurry' or 'to hasten.' The Latin 'festinare' is linked to 'festinus,' an adjective denoting speed or haste. This etymological journey reveals that 'hasten' has been associated with the concept of speeding up or accelerating a process or action for centuries. It reflects the human desire to move quickly and efficiently, making it a word aptly used to describe the act of expediting events or tasks in the English language today.

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Further usage examples of hasten

1. The students hasten to submit their assignments before class ends.
2. If you hasten, you can still grab a coffee before the meeting.
3. I will hasten to meet you at the restaurant.
4. The runners hasten to the finish line as the crowd cheers.
5. You must hasten to the airport if you don’t want to miss your flight.
6. The team needs to hasten to fix the bugs before the product launch.
7. The firefighter hasten to put out the fire.
8. The scientist hasten to find a solution to the problem.
9. The birds hasten to find shelter before the storm arrives.
10. The family will hasten to pack their bags for the sudden trip.
11. The doctors hasten to prepare for the surgery.
12. The community hasten to organize a fundraiser for the local school.
13. The actor has to hasten to make it to the theater in time for his performance.
14. He tried to hasten the completion of the project by working late.
15. Urgent circumstances forced them to hasten their departure.
16. The approaching storm prompted us to hasten indoors.
17. She needed to hasten her steps to catch the departing train.
18. To meet the deadline, they had to hasten the production process.
19. The emergency sirens signaled the need to hasten to safety.
20. His encouraging words helped hasten her recovery.
21. The unexpected opportunity allowed them to hasten their plans.
22. To avoid traffic, they decided to hasten their journey.
23. The new technology will hasten data processing significantly.
24. The swift action taken by the team will hasten resolution.



accelerate, delay, retard, slow


Suffix -en, TOEFL 7, Choices and Decisions, Effort and Exertion, Movement and Flow

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