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How to pronounce unprecedented (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unprecedented

Entirely new, never before seen or experienced in history, and without any precedent or prior reference point.
"The company achieved unprecedented success in the first quarter."


Detailed meaning of unprecedented

When something is characterized as unprecedented, it signifies a departure from established norms, a break from tradition, or an event that defies historical comparison. This term can apply to various contexts, such as unprecedented technological advancements, unprecedented economic challenges, or an unprecedented achievement in sports. "Unprecedented" underscores the idea of something being truly exceptional and groundbreaking, often emphasizing the novelty and significance of the situation or event in question. It suggests that what is happening or being observed is entirely without precedent in human experience.

Example sentences containing unprecedented

1. The rapid advancement of technology has led to unprecedented changes in our daily lives.
2. The global pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges for healthcare systems.
3. The athlete's performance set an unprecedented record in the history of the sport.
4. The company achieved unprecedented growth within a short period of time.
5. The summit aimed to address unprecedented environmental issues facing the planet.
6. The election results marked an unprecedented shift in political dynamics.

History and etymology of unprecedented

The adjective 'unprecedented' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is formed from the prefix 'un-,' meaning 'not,' and the word 'precedented,' which is derived from the Latin 'praecedere,' meaning 'to precede' or 'to go before.' Therefore, 'unprecedented' literally means 'not having been preceded or gone before.' In English, it describes something as entirely new, never before seen or experienced in history, and without any precedent or prior reference point. 'Unprecedented' is used to emphasize the exceptional nature of a situation, event, or occurrence, highlighting that it breaks from established patterns or norms and represents a unique and extraordinary development in its own right.

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Further usage examples of unprecedented

1. The concert drew an unprecedented crowd, making it a memorable event.
2. The project's success was an unprecedented achievement for the entire team.
3. The new law brought about unprecedented regulations in the financial sector.
4. The artist's work received unprecedented recognition from art critics and collectors.
5. The humanitarian crisis required an unprecedented response from international organizations.
6. The meteorological phenomenon resulted in an unprecedented heatwave.
7. The CEO's leadership led to unprecedented profitability for the company.
8. The scientific breakthrough had an unprecedented impact on medical research.
9. The film's box office earnings were unprecedented for an independent production.
10. The educational reforms promised unprecedented improvements in student outcomes.
11. The diplomat's negotiations led to an unprecedented peace agreement between the two countries.
12. The novel's plot featured an unprecedented twist that surprised readers.
13. The technology conference showcased unprecedented innovations in the field.
14. The humanitarian efforts in the aftermath of the disaster displayed an unprecedented outpouring of support.



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