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How to pronounce facet (audio)


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Dictionary definition of facet

A distinct and individual aspect, feature, or side of something that is multifaceted or has multiple dimensions.
"Language is just one facet of cultural identity."

Detailed meaning of facet

Facets are like facets of a gemstone, each representing a different angle or characteristic. In broader contexts, facets can be used to describe various aspects of a topic, idea, or personality, providing a nuanced understanding by breaking it down into its constituent parts. For instance, when discussing a complex issue, one might consider different facets or angles to gain a comprehensive perspective. In the realm of personalities, a person may exhibit various facets of their character in different situations, revealing different sides of themselves. "Facet" underscores the idea of complexity and depth, suggesting that there are many dimensions to explore within a single subject or entity.

Example sentences containing facet

1. One facet of her personality is her love for adventure.
2. The diamond has many facets that reflect light in different ways.
3. This issue has many facets that need to be considered.
4. Technology is an important facet of modern life.
5. The movie explores the darker facets of human nature.
6. Understanding different facets of a problem is crucial to finding a solution.

History and etymology of facet

The noun 'facet' has its origins in the French language. It is derived from the Old French word 'fascet,' which means 'little face' or 'surface.' This term can be traced further back to the Latin word 'facies,' which also means 'face' or 'surface.' In English, 'facet' refers to a distinct and individual aspect, feature, or side of something that is multifaceted or has multiple dimensions, much like a face has various features. The word retains its sense of representing one of the many sides or elements that contribute to the overall character or understanding of a complex whole, reflecting its historical connection to the concept of surfaces and faces in both French and Latin.

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Further usage examples of facet

1. Health is a multi-faceted concept that includes physical, mental, and social well-being.
2. The gemstone has many facets that give it a unique sparkle.
3. Leadership requires the ability to see all facets of a situation and make informed decisions.
4. History has many facets that are often overlooked in textbooks.
5. The internet has transformed many facets of our lives, from communication to commerce.
6. The diamond's brilliance is just one facet of its multifaceted beauty, reflecting light in countless ways.
7. Exploring every facet of her intricate personality is a journey of endless discovery and amazement.
8. Each facet of the complex issue demands thorough examination to fully grasp its implications.
9. His extraordinary talent for music is merely one facet of his boundless creativity and artistic prowess.
10. In the world of art, every brushstroke contributes to a unique facet of the painter's vision.
11. The realm of science constantly unveils a new facet of the universe's vast mysteries.
12. Their archaeological expedition unearthed a previously hidden facet of the ancient civilization.
13. Honesty serves as a cornerstone facet of building trust and maintaining genuine relationships.
14. The city's diverse culture is a vibrant and captivating facet of its rich tapestry of identity.
15. Nature's breathtaking beauty encompasses a myriad of facets, waiting to be explored and admired.
16. Delving into history requires a comprehensive examination of each facet, unraveling the past's complexities.
17. The gemstone's intricate facets glistened brilliantly, capturing the essence of its rare elegance.
18. Every facet of their meticulously planned operation was executed flawlessly, ensuring success.
19. Her infectious smile revealed a radiant and joyful facet of her enchanting personality.
20. The extensive investigation uncovered a deeply troubling facet of the company's operations.
21. He cherished every facet of her multifaceted personality, finding beauty in her diversity.
22. During the team meeting, they thoroughly discussed each facet of the ambitious project.
23. A well-rounded education should encompass every facet of knowledge, fostering holistic development.
24. The mountain's rugged and formidable facet challenged even the most experienced climbers.
25. Artistic expression boasts many facets, each uniquely contributing to the world's cultural mosaic.



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