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How to pronounce fascinate (audio)

Dictionary definition of fascinate

To attract, captivate, or engross someone's attention or interest in a compelling or captivating manner.
"The mysterious old castle continued to fascinate her with its enchanting history."

Detailed meaning of fascinate

When something or someone fascinates, it provokes a sense of curiosity, intrigue, or enchantment. It goes beyond mere interest and evokes a strong fascination, often drawing someone in and holding their attention for an extended period. People or things that fascinate have a unique quality, charm, or appeal that sparks an intense desire to learn more, explore deeper, or experience further. This verb encompasses the power to mesmerize, enchant, or compel individuals, enticing them to delve into a subject or engage with an object or person. Whether it is an enthralling story, an awe-inspiring performance, or a captivating personality, to fascinate is to evoke a profound and enduring interest that lingers in the minds of those who experience it.

Example sentences containing fascinate

1. The beauty of space and its endless galaxies fascinate me beyond words.
2. Advances in artificial intelligence never cease to fascinate tech enthusiasts.
3. The vibrant city life seemed to fascinate the small-town boy.
4. It will always fascinate me how airplanes can fly.
5. He began to fascinate his peers with his riveting storytelling.
6. The complexity of human behavior fascinates psychologists around the world.

History and etymology of fascinate

The verb 'fascinate' finds its roots in the Latin word 'fascinare,' which means 'to bewitch' or 'to enchant.' The term was associated with the notion of using magical charms or spells to captivate and hold someone's attention in a compelling and irresistible manner. Over time, as language evolved, 'fascinate' came to represent the act of attracting, captivating, or engrossing someone's attention or interest in a way that seems almost enchanting or bewitching. The etymology of 'fascinate' reflects the idea of a powerful and irresistible attraction, drawing from its ancient origins of fascination through mystical enchantments.

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Further usage examples of fascinate

1. Ancient Egyptian culture and its artifacts continue to fascinate archaeologists.
2. The intricate details of the butterfly's wings fascinated the young girl.
3. Exotic wildlife and their unique behaviors fascinate nature photographers.
4. Did it fascinate you how dolphins communicate with each other?
5. The depth and variety of human languages will always fascinate linguists.
6. The documentary about space exploration can fascinate even casual viewers.
7. Her talent for storytelling never fails to fascinate her audience.
8. The intricate details of the painting never cease to fascinate art enthusiasts.
9. The mystery novel will fascinate readers with its twists and turns.
10. Science fiction novels often fascinate readers with their imaginative worlds.
11. The underwater world never fails to fascinate marine biologists.
12. The magician's tricks never cease to fascinate the crowd.
13. The historical artifacts in the museum fascinate visitors from all over.
14. His knowledge of ancient civilizations continues to fascinate scholars.
15. The vibrant colors of the sunset always fascinate beachgoers.
16. The technology behind virtual reality gaming fascinates gamers.
17. The wildlife documentary aims to fascinate viewers with rare animal sightings.
18. Her eloquent speeches never fail to fascinate the audience.
19. The intricate dance routines in the show will fascinate the audience.
20. The complexity of the human brain continues to fascinate neuroscientists.
21. The novel's unique narrative style fascinates literary critics.
22. The architectural marvel of the cathedral fascinates tourists.
23. The rapid advancements in AI technology continue to fascinate researchers.
24. The natural wonders of the world never cease to fascinate travelers.
25. The historical reenactment fascinates history enthusiasts.

Insight and Intrigue, Attraction and Allure, Excitement and Enthusiasm


captivate, bore, repel, disinterest



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