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How to pronounce captivate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of captivate

To attract and hold the attention and interest of someone typically by being fascinating, charming, or engaging.
"The stunning visuals of the movie captivate viewers of all ages."

Detailed meaning of captivate

It implies the act of holding someone's attention and interest so much that they are unable to think of anything else. Captivate can be used to describe a person's attention being held by something interesting, exciting, or beautiful. It can also be used to describe something that is so interesting, exciting or beautiful that it holds someone's attention. It can also refer to a person or thing that has the power to attract and hold the attention of others. The term is often used to describe the ability of an artist, a performer, a storyteller, or a piece of art to hold an audience's attention and interest. In general, when something or someone is described as being captivating, it implies the act of holding someone's attention and interest so much that they are unable to think of anything else and refers to the act of attracting and holding the attention and interest of someone or something in a very strong way.

Example sentences containing captivate

1. Those who captivate the audience have a knack for storytelling.
2. Magicians who captivate their onlookers usually employ a mix of illusion and charm.
3. The dancers captivate the crowd with their grace and synchrony.
4. With a powerful voice, she will captivate any listener.
5. If you wish to captivate your students, add humor to your lessons.
6. Musicians often captivate the public through emotional melodies.

History and etymology of captivate

The verb 'captivate' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'captivare,' which is formed from 'captivus,' meaning 'captive' or 'prisoner.' In ancient Rome, when one was captivated, it often meant being taken prisoner, held in thrall by an external force. Over time, the term evolved metaphorically to describe the act of attracting and holding someone's attention and interest as if they were captives of fascination. The idea behind 'captivate' is that something or someone possesses an irresistible charm, allure, or engagement that has the power to enchant and enrapture others. Thus, the etymology of 'captivate' underscores its historical connection to the notion of holding someone's attention as if they were captives of its charm or fascination.

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Further usage examples of captivate

1. To captivate the attention of children, create interactive and colorful learning materials.
2. The novel’s plot twists captivate the imagination of readers.
3. The orator knows how to captivate his audience with his rhetoric.
4. New technological gadgets captivate consumers who seek the latest innovations.
5. They try to captivate investors with a compelling pitch.
6. When actors captivate the audience, they make them feel immersed in the story.
7. Wildlife documentaries often captivate viewers with stunning footage of the animal kingdom.
8. Speakers who captivate the crowd often have a great sense of timing and drama.
9. The goal of marketing is to captivate the consumer's interest and desire.
10. It is not easy to captivate an audience when discussing complex scientific concepts.
11. To captivate your friends, throw a themed party with unexpected surprises.
12. The aroma of freshly baked bread can captivate anyone passing by a bakery.
13. Creative individuals captivate the world with their unique ideas and inventions.
14. The magician's tricks never failed to captivate the audience's imagination.
15. Her storytelling skills could captivate even the most jaded listeners.
16. The stunning sunset over the ocean never failed to captivate me.
17. The charismatic speaker had the ability to captivate hearts and minds.
18. The novel's intricate plot had the power to captivate readers for hours.
19. The movie's breathtaking visuals captivated viewers from start to finish.
20. His passionate performance on stage never failed to captivate the crowd.
21. The museum's art collection had the ability to captivate art enthusiasts.
22. The musician's melodies had the power to captivate people's emotions.
23. The natural beauty of the forest always manages to captivate hikers.
24. The historic city's architecture never failed to captivate tourists.



enchant, bore, repel, disenchant


Insight and Intrigue, Attraction and Allure, Charm and Charisma, Seduction and Allure, Intrigue and Advocacy

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