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How to pronounce engage (audio)

Dictionary definition of engage

To actively involve oneself or others in a particular activity, conversation, or relationship.
"The team members were encouraged to engage in open and honest communication."

Detailed meaning of engage

To engage is to participate, commit, or invest oneself intellectually, emotionally, or physically. It implies a willingness to interact, collaborate, or connect with others, fostering meaningful connections and creating a sense of involvement. Engagement can manifest in different forms, such as engaging in a stimulating discussion, engaging in a hobby or sport, or engaging in a committed relationship. It suggests an active state of involvement, capturing the attention, interest, or dedication of individuals in a purposeful manner. The verb "engage" implies a deliberate effort to interact or commit oneself, often leading to productive outcomes, personal growth, or mutual understanding.

Example sentences containing engage

1. The students were asked to engage in a lively classroom discussion.
2. The company aims to engage customers through interactive marketing campaigns.
3. She decided to engage in volunteer work to make a positive impact on her community.
4. The couple got engaged after a romantic proposal by the beach.
5. The speaker captivated the audience and engaged them in a thought-provoking presentation.
6. The children were excited to engage in outdoor activities during their summer camp.

History and etymology of engage

The verb 'engage' has a fascinating etymology rooted in Old French and ultimately traced back to Latin. It originates from the Old French word 'engagier,' which means 'to pledge' or 'to bind by promise.' This Old French term consists of 'en,' denoting 'in,' and 'gagier,' meaning 'to guarantee' or 'to pledge.' It can be further traced to the Latin word 'pangere,' which means 'to fasten' or 'to fix.' This evolution in meaning reflects the idea of making a commitment or becoming involved in a binding manner. Over time, 'engage' acquired its contemporary sense of actively involving oneself or others in a particular activity, conversation, or relationship. Its etymology emphasizes the notion of commitment and active participation, illustrating how language reflects the complexities of human interactions and commitments in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of engage

1. The company implemented employee engagement programs to boost morale and productivity.
2. He used humor to engage the audience and make his speech more engaging.
3. The government plans to engage with stakeholders to gather feedback on the new policy.
4. The teacher employed various teaching strategies to engage students in the lesson.
5. The book's captivating storyline and relatable characters engaged readers from start to finish.
6. I always engage in stimulating discussions with my colleagues.
7. Let's engage in a friendly competition to test our skills.
8. It's essential to engage with your audience on social media.
9. To foster teamwork, leaders must engage their team members.
10. She decided to engage in volunteer work for a noble cause.
11. Our goal is to engage customers through exceptional service.
12. Engage your creativity and explore new artistic horizons.
13. It's important to engage with diverse perspectives in a debate.
14. The teacher encourages students to engage in class debates.
15. The company aims to engage in sustainable business practices.
16. They plan to engage in meaningful philanthropic endeavors.
17. It's crucial to engage in open and honest communication.
18. The athlete's dedication to training will help him engage fully.
19. Let's engage in a deep conversation about life and purpose.
20. To solve complex problems, we need to engage our critical thinking.
21. The book's gripping plot will engage readers from start to finish.
22. Engage your senses in the beauty of nature's tranquility.
23. The government seeks to engage citizens in civic initiatives.
24. She hopes to engage with like-minded individuals at the conference.
25. Leaders should engage employees to boost workplace morale.



involve, disengage, withdraw, ignore


Prefix en-, Suffix -age, ACT 4 (American College Testing), Attention and Focus, Connections and Interactions

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