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How to pronounce mesmerize (audio)


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Dictionary definition of mesmerize

To capture someone's attention and hold it so strongly that they become completely absorbed and entranced.
"The magician's performance was able to mesmerize the audience."


Detailed meaning of mesmerize

When someone or something mesmerizes another person, they are able to hold their attention for an extended period of time, often leaving them in a state of awe or wonder. This can happen through various means, such as through visual or auditory stimulation, storytelling, or even hypnosis. When someone is mesmerized, they are often completely focused on the object of their fascination and may even lose track of time. This word is often used to describe a powerful and captivating experience, whether it be watching a mesmerizing performance or being captivated by a natural wonder.

Example sentences containing mesmerize

1. The beauty of the sunset always mesmerizes me.
2. The swirling patterns on the hypnotist's wheel mesmerized the volunteers.
3. The singer's voice was so captivating, it mesmerized the entire crowd.
4. The intricate dance moves of the ballerina mesmerized the audience.
5. The colorful fish in the aquarium mesmerized the children.
6. The stunning architecture of the cathedral mesmerized the tourists.

History and etymology of mesmerize

The verb 'mesmerize' has its etymological roots in the name of Franz Mesmer, an Austrian physician and pioneer in the study of hypnosis and animal magnetism during the 18th century. Mesmer's work involved inducing a trance-like state in his patients, which he believed was influenced by magnetic forces. His techniques and theories garnered significant attention during his time, and people began to use 'mesmerize' to describe the process of captivating someone's attention and holding it so strongly that they become completely absorbed and entranced. The term 'mesmerize' has since become a part of everyday language, highlighting its historical connection to the ideas and practices developed by Franz Mesmer, as reflected in its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of mesmerize

1. The athlete's skillful moves were able to mesmerize the judges.
2. The fireworks display was able to mesmerize the entire city.
3. The swirling vortex in the ocean mesmerized the researchers.
4. The artist's painting was so captivating, it was able to mesmerize the viewers.
5. The rhythmic beat of the drum was able to mesmerize the dancers.
6. The magician's tricks never failed to mesmerize the audience.
7. The shimmering stars in the night sky can mesmerize anyone.
8. Her dance performance had the power to mesmerize spectators.
9. The hypnotist managed to mesmerize his willing subject.
10. The scenic beauty of the mountain landscape can mesmerize hikers.
11. The soothing music had the ability to mesmerize and calm.
12. The intricate details of the artwork never failed to mesmerize.
13. The underwater world of colorful coral reefs can mesmerize divers.
14. The storyteller had a way with words that could mesmerize listeners.
15. The actor's powerful performance could mesmerize theatergoers.
16. The gentle sway of the pendulum could mesmerize those who watched.
17. The author's storytelling skills could mesmerize readers for hours.
18. The fire's dancing flames had the ability to mesmerize campers.
19. The charismatic speaker could mesmerize an entire audience.
20. The ancient ruins had the power to mesmerize history enthusiasts.
21. The singer's enchanting voice could mesmerize a packed concert hall.
22. The kaleidoscope of colors in the sunset never failed to mesmerize.
23. The endless waves crashing on the shore can mesmerize beachgoers.
24. The celestial bodies in the night sky continue to mesmerize astronomers.
25. The underwater world of the ocean can mesmerize marine biologists.



hypnotize, bore, disenchant, repel


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