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How to pronounce feisty (audio)

Dictionary definition of feisty

Spirited, lively, and full of determination.
"He was taken aback by her feisty response to his innocuous comment."

Detailed meaning of feisty

It is often used to describe individuals who possess a strong and resilient attitude, characterized by a willingness to stand up for themselves and engage in spirited or even combative behavior when faced with challenges or opposition. A feisty person is typically energetic, bold, and unafraid to express their opinions or assert their rights. They exude a sense of confidence and tenacity, ready to face any obstacles with vigor and resilience. The term 'feisty' is often associated with a sense of spiritedness and a refusal to back down, reflecting a fiery and determined nature. It can also connote a sense of playfulness or spunk, adding an element of charm and liveliness to one's character or demeanor.

Example sentences containing feisty

1. My grandma may be old, but she's still feisty and full of energy.
2. The feisty kitten defended its food from the older cats.
3. She's a feisty character in the movie, always standing up to the villain.
4. The debate got heated with feisty exchanges between the two candidates.
5. The feisty little girl started a lemonade stand to raise money for charity.
6. The crowd cheered for the feisty underdog in the boxing ring.

History and etymology of feisty

The adjective 'feisty' has its etymological roots in the word 'feist,' which was originally used in the American South and West to refer to a small, lively dog, particularly one used for hunting small game. The term 'feist' itself may have originated from various dialects, including Scots-Irish and Middle English. Over time, 'feisty' emerged as an adjective describing someone or something spirited, lively, and full of determination, much like the energetic and determined nature of the small hunting dogs it was initially associated with. The etymology of 'feisty' emphasizes its connection to vitality, tenacity, and spiritedness, portraying a sense of determination and enthusiasm in its modern usage.

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Further usage examples of feisty

1. His feisty attitude helped him overcome numerous obstacles in life.
2. The coach appreciates the feisty spirit of the new player.
3. Her feisty demeanor is well-suited for a career in politics.
4. The journalist's feisty questioning made the politician uncomfortable.
5. The team was down by three goals, but they made a feisty comeback.
6. The feisty entrepreneur turned a small idea into a multimillion-dollar business.
7. The crowd was entertained by the feisty antics of the street performer.
8. The feisty chihuahua thinks it’s a lot bigger than it actually is.
9. He wrote a feisty letter to the editor, defending his community.
10. With her feisty spirit, she managed to turn the negative situation into a positive one.
11. The feisty debate in the book club led to some members changing their opinions.
12. Her feisty performance earned her a standing ovation from the audience.
13. The band's feisty lead singer knows how to get the crowd going.
14. The feisty young athlete never backed down from a challenge.
15. Her feisty attitude made her a formidable competitor.
16. The feisty puppy chased after every ball with boundless energy.
17. Despite her age, she remained feisty and independent.
18. His feisty humor kept everyone entertained at the party.
19. The feisty debate left both sides passionately defending their views.
20. The feisty toddler refused to take no for an answer.
21. She had a feisty spirit that inspired those around her.
22. The feisty journalist fearlessly pursued the truth.
23. The feisty character in the story added depth to the plot.
24. Even in difficult times, her feisty determination never wavered.

Personality and Character Traits, Resilience and Resolve, Temperament and Disposition


spirited, timid, meek, passive



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