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How to pronounce flattering (audio)


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Dictionary definition of flattering

Enhancing or showcasing one's best qualities, often in a way that is pleasing or complimentary.
"She wore a flattering black dress that accentuated her curves."

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Detailed meaning of flattering

When applied to a person's appearance, it suggests that a particular style of clothing, hairstyle, or makeup brings out their attractive features and creates a positive visual impression. Similarly, when used in reference to compliments or remarks, it implies that the words spoken or written are intended to uplift and positively reflect upon the recipient, boosting their self-esteem. Overall, "flattering" denotes a quality or action that contributes to enhancing someone's physical appearance or self-image in a favorable and appealing manner.

Example sentences containing flattering

1. The photographer captured her in the most flattering angles, making her look stunning.
2. His compliments were so flattering that she couldn't help but blush.
3. The makeup artist used a flattering shade of lipstick that perfectly complemented her complexion.
4. The tailor created a flattering silhouette with the perfectly fitted suit.
5. The article praised her talent and described her performance as nothing short of flattering.
6. The mirror in the fitting room reflected a flattering image of her in the new outfit.

History and etymology of flattering

The adjective 'flattering' is a derivative of the verb 'flatter,' which, as discussed earlier, has its origins in Old French and Latin. 'Flattering' takes the form of the present participle of the verb, indicating an ongoing action. When something is described as 'flattering,' it means that it is enhancing or showcasing one's best qualities, often in a way that is pleasing or complimentary. The term underscores its association with the act of using praise or compliments to make someone or something appear more appealing or attractive. Thus, the etymology of 'flattering' reflects its close link to the art of making someone or something look better or more attractive through positive words or actions.

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Further usage examples of flattering

1. Her friend's flattering comments about her intelligence made her feel more confident.
2. The lighting in the restaurant was soft and flattering, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
3. She received a flattering job offer that acknowledged her skills and experience.
4. The magazine published a flattering interview with the renowned actress, highlighting her achievements.
5. The stylist recommended a flattering haircut that would enhance her facial features.
6. The flattering dress accentuated her elegant figure.
7. His words were genuinely flattering and made her smile.
8. The lighting in the room was very flattering to her complexion.
9. A flattering hairstyle can make a big difference in appearance.
10. Her makeup was skillfully applied to create a flattering look.
11. The feedback on her presentation was overwhelmingly flattering.
12. The new camera angle provided a very flattering shot.
13. The review of the restaurant was quite flattering.
14. The flattering portrait captured her inner beauty.
15. He received a flattering compliment on his skills.
16. The interviewee's flattering response impressed the panel.
17. A flattering filter can enhance your social media photos.
18. The flattering outfit boosted her confidence.
19. A flattering profile can attract more connections on social media.
20. The mirror in the store provided a very flattering reflection.
21. The flattering lighting in the restaurant set a romantic mood.
22. Her speech was filled with flattering words of appreciation.
23. The artist created a truly flattering likeness in the painting.
24. She wore a flattering swimsuit that made her feel confident.
25. A flattering review can boost a product's popularity.



complimentary, unflattering, disparaging, demeaning


Appreciation and Honor, Advantageous and Beneficial, Praise and Respect

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