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How to pronounce pioneering (audio)

Dictionary definition of pioneering

Characterized by being innovative, groundbreaking, or leading the way in a particular field or endeavor.
"Thomas Edison's pioneering inventions, such as the phonograph and the electric light bulb, transformed everyday life."

Detailed meaning of pioneering

It signifies a willingness to explore new ideas, methods, or technologies, often venturing into uncharted territories. Pioneering individuals or initiatives are known for introducing novel concepts, techniques, or practices that challenge existing norms and pave the way for future developments. They break through barriers, push boundaries, and shape the course of progress. Pioneering efforts can be found in various domains, such as science, technology, arts, medicine, and social movements. The pioneering spirit embodies a drive for discovery, a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for pushing the limits of what is known or possible. Those who are pioneering inspire others, spark innovation, and leave a lasting impact on their respective fields.

Example sentences containing pioneering

1. Our pioneering research has led to major breakthroughs in clean energy sources.
2. His pioneering spirit forged a path for future generations of tech innovators.
3. In the 20th century, pioneering women broke through many societal barriers.
4. The company's pioneering technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry.
5. Her pioneering efforts in medicine improved millions of lives globally.
6. He earned a reputation as a pioneering entrepreneur in the digital world.

History and etymology of pioneering

The adjective 'pioneering' derives its etymology from the word 'pioneer,' which has its origins in the Middle French term 'pionnier.' In turn, 'pionnier' evolved from the Old French 'paonier,' which referred to a foot soldier or infantryman. This Old French term finds its roots in the word 'peon,' borrowed from the Latin 'pedonem,' meaning foot soldier or infantryman as well. Over time, the concept of pioneers shifted from military contexts to denote individuals who lead the way in exploring new territories or advancing in various fields. Hence, 'pioneering' came to signify a characteristic of being innovative, groundbreaking, or at the forefront of a particular endeavor or field, embodying the spirit of those who bravely ventured into new frontiers.

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Further usage examples of pioneering

1. The school’s pioneering curriculum integrates technology and traditional learning.
2. Their pioneering software brought unprecedented efficiency to businesses.
3. A pioneering approach to education puts students at the center of learning.
4. The artist’s pioneering work opened doors for multimedia expression globally.
5. Pioneering designs in architecture are making cities more sustainable.
6. Pioneering scientists often challenge accepted norms to discover the truth.
7. New planets were discovered thanks to pioneering advancements in telescopes.
8. The chef's pioneering methods have made gourmet cuisine accessible to all.
9. Pioneering environmental policies in Europe are setting a global example.
10. This novel is noted for its pioneering use of stream of consciousness.
11. Pioneering engineers at the company created a highly efficient electric car.
12. Pioneering in AI, we’re making machines that can think and learn.
13. By pioneering new policies, the mayor reduced homelessness significantly.
14. She’s a pioneering journalist, bringing light to underreported global issues.
15. Their pioneering farm-to-table concept changed the local culinary scene.
16. As a pioneering astronaut, his journey inspired a generation to look skyward.
17. Pioneering thinkers in psychology are exploring the depths of human minds.
18. A pioneering nonprofit, they transform waste into resources for the needy.
19. We are pioneering new trails in the uncharted territories of space.
20. Pioneering filmmakers are using VR to immerse viewers in stories.
21. Amidst contemporary artists, her pioneering vision is undeniably unique.
22. With pioneering strategies, small businesses can compete globally.



innovative, unoriginal, derivative, conventional


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