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How to pronounce gain (audio)

Dictionary definition of gain

To acquire or obtain something, typically in terms of making progress, achieving an advantage, or accumulating a benefit.
"The company implemented new strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market."

Detailed meaning of gain

It involves the process of acquiring or attaining something that was previously not possessed. "Gain" can be used to describe various forms of growth, improvement, or increase in different aspects of life, such as knowledge, skills, wealth, influence, or power. It often implies a positive outcome resulting from effort, action, or development. For instance, one can gain knowledge through studying, gain financial wealth through business endeavors, or gain popularity through talent and hard work. Additionally, "gain" can also signify the recovery or restoration of something that was lost or diminished. Overall, the verb "gain" encompasses the concept of acquiring, obtaining, progressing, and benefiting in different spheres of life.

Example sentences containing gain

1. She studied diligently to gain knowledge in her field of expertise.
2. The athlete trained hard to gain strength and improve performance.
3. He invested in stocks to gain financial wealth.
4. The student joined clubs and participated in extracurricular activities to gain valuable experience.
5. The politician hoped to gain the support of the voters through effective campaigning.
6. She worked overtime to gain recognition and a promotion at her job.

History and etymology of gain

The verb 'gain' has its etymological origins in the Old French word 'gaigner,' which meant 'to earn' or 'to win.' This Old French term, in turn, is derived from the Late Latin word 'gagnare,' meaning 'to earn' or 'to gain.' The Latin word 'gagnare' possibly has its roots in the Germanic word 'waidanjan,' which means 'to hunt' or 'to seek after.' Over time, 'gain' evolved to encompass the idea of acquiring or obtaining something, typically in the context of making progress, achieving an advantage, or accumulating a benefit. The etymology of 'gain' reflects its historical association with the notion of earning or winning, highlighting the idea that achieving something valuable often involves effort and progress.

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Further usage examples of gain

1. The artist's unique style helped him gain a following among art enthusiasts.
2. The team scored a goal and gained the lead in the soccer match.
3. The entrepreneur launched a new product to gain a larger customer base.
4. The therapy sessions helped her gain confidence and overcome her fears.
5. He volunteered at a charity organization to gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
6. She worked tirelessly to gain the skills needed for her dream job.
7. With dedication, you can gain the knowledge to succeed.
8. He aims to gain the trust of his colleagues through hard work.
9. By studying consistently, you can gain a deep understanding.
10. Patience is key when trying to gain someone's affection.
11. He hopes to gain a competitive edge in the market.
12. Effort and perseverance are essential to gain success.
13. We must gain wisdom from our experiences and mistakes.
14. In life, we often gain more from giving than receiving.
15. To achieve your goals, you must gain self-discipline.
16. She aspires to gain financial independence in her career.
17. They worked together to gain a better understanding.
18. To gain respect, one must treat others with kindness.
19. Hard work and determination can help you gain recognition.
20. The company strives to gain a larger market share.
21. You can gain insights by listening to different perspectives.
22. We should always seek to gain personal growth.
23. He plans to gain a broader perspective through travel.
24. To succeed, you must gain the trust of your team.
25. The athlete trained rigorously to gain a competitive advantage.



acquire, lose, forfeit, surrender


Advancement and Improvement, Utility and Advancement, Development and Growth, Growth and Development

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