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How to pronounce accumulate (audio)

Dictionary definition of accumulate

To gather or collect over time, usually in a slow and gradual manner.
"He has been working hard to accumulate enough money to buy a new car."

Detailed meaning of accumulate

It refers to the process of adding to a quantity or amount until it becomes larger. For example, someone might accumulate wealth over time by saving money, or by making smart investment decisions. Similarly, a company might accumulate assets such as buildings, equipment, or intellectual property. The word "accumulate" emphasizes the gradual and incremental nature of the process, and suggests that the result is the sum of many smaller additions over time.

In a broader sense, the word "accumulate" can also be used to describe the buildup of anything that increases in quantity or amount over time, such as knowledge, experience, or skills. In this context, "accumulating" something can refer to the process of gaining or acquiring it over time, through experience, study, or practice. The result is a growing body of information, skills, or abilities that a person can draw upon to achieve their goals or succeed in their endeavors.

Example sentences of accumulate

1. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on surfaces in the home.
2. The company's profits have continued to accumulate over the years.
3. As we age, toxins can accumulate in our bodies and affect our health.
4. Snow can accumulate quickly during a winter storm.
5. The athlete's hard work and dedication helped him accumulate numerous awards and accolades.
6. Papers and books can easily accumulate on a cluttered desk.

History and etymology of accumulate

The verb 'accumulate' finds its origins in the Latin word 'accumulare,' which combines 'ad' (meaning 'to') and 'cumulare' (meaning 'to heap' or 'to pile up'). It entered the English language in the late 15th century. 'Accumulate' is used to describe the action of gathering or collecting something over time, typically in a slow and gradual manner. The etymology of 'accumulate' vividly conveys the idea of steadily piling up or heaping together, emphasizing the incremental process of amassing or acquiring something. Whether referring to the accumulation of wealth, knowledge, possessions, or evidence, this term captures the concept of gradual buildup or growth through the accumulation of individual elements or instances.

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Further usage examples of accumulate

1. The investment portfolio was designed to accumulate wealth over a long period of time.
2. It can be difficult to accumulate savings when faced with high living expenses.
3. Small daily habits, such as exercise and healthy eating, can help accumulate better health over time.
4. Over time, the books on the shelf accumulate dust.
5. The savings account continues to accumulate interest.
6. With each passing year, the student's knowledge begins to accumulate.
7. The snowflakes accumulate on the ground during a winter storm.
8. As the project progresses, the data will accumulate.
9. The clutter in the room seems to accumulate no matter how often it is cleaned.
10. If you don't address the issue, the problems will accumulate over time.
11. The scientist's research findings gradually accumulate to form a comprehensive study.
12. Rainwater can accumulate in puddles after a heavy downpour.
13. Throughout history, civilizations accumulate vast amounts of cultural artifacts.
14. The car engine needs regular maintenance to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating.
15. Dust particles accumulate in the air filter, reducing its efficiency.
16. As the days go by, the laundry starts to accumulate in the hamper.
17. If you don't discard unnecessary items, they will accumulate and clutter your living space.
18. Waste materials can accumulate in landfills, causing environmental issues.
19. During a long journey, fatigue can accumulate, affecting the driver's concentration.
20. Over time, stress can accumulate and have a negative impact on one's mental health.
21. The unanswered emails in your inbox accumulate and can become overwhelming.
22. Without regular exercise, excess fat can accumulate in the body.
23. The leaves accumulate in the yard during the fall season.


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