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How to pronounce summit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of summit

The highest point or peak of a mountain, hill, or elevated area.
"The climbers reached the summit of the mountain after a grueling ascent."

Detailed meaning of summit

It represents the apex or topmost part of a geographical feature, often offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. In a broader context, "summit" can also refer to a formal meeting or conference involving high-level representatives, leaders, or experts from different organizations, countries, or fields. These summits aim to discuss and address important issues, make decisions, and foster cooperation or collaboration. Such gatherings often involve intense discussions, negotiations, and the formulation of strategies or agreements. Summits provide a platform for key stakeholders to come together and work towards common goals, making them significant events in various domains, such as diplomacy, politics, business, and global affairs.

Example sentences containing summit

1. The hikers enjoyed breathtaking views from the summit of the hill.
2. The political leaders gathered at the summit to discuss global security issues.
3. The economic summit aimed to foster international trade and cooperation.
4. The company's CEO delivered a keynote speech at the business summit.
5. The climbers celebrated their successful summit with a group photo.
6. The participants engaged in lively debates during the environmental summit.

History and etymology of summit

The noun 'summit' is derived from the Latin word 'summus,' which means 'highest' or 'topmost.' 'Summus' is formed by combining 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'mummus,' signifying 'highest.' The etymology of 'summit' subtly reflects the concept of the highest point or peak of a mountain, hill, or elevated area, as if it were situated under the sky or heavens. This connection to elevation and height without explicitly addressing its specific definition aligns with its modern usage related to the highest point of a geographical feature.

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Further usage examples of summit

1. The delegates signed a historic agreement at the peace summit.
2. The mountaineer shared his experiences of conquering various summits around the world.
3. The global health summit focused on finding solutions to pressing public health challenges.
4. The tech summit showcased the latest innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.
5. The summit concluded with a closing ceremony and the exchange of parting words.
6. They reached the summit just as the sun began to rise.
7. Climbing the steep slope, they aimed for the summit.
8. The snow-capped summit of the mountain looked breathtaking.
9. Reaching the summit was a challenging but rewarding feat.
10. They set up camp near the summit for the night.
11. The view from the summit was absolutely breathtaking.
12. Scaling the summit required careful navigation.
13. The trek to the summit took several hours.
14. The expedition aimed to conquer the elusive summit.
15. The climbers celebrated their victory at the summit.
16. They gazed down at the world from the lofty summit.
17. The path to the summit was rugged and treacherous.
18. She was determined to reach the summit at all costs.
19. The team faced harsh weather conditions near the summit.
20. They marked their achievement with a flag at the summit.
21. The journey to the summit was an unforgettable experience.
22. The summit provided panoramic views of the valley below.
23. They enjoyed a picnic at the summit of the hill.
24. The air was thin and crisp at the mountain's summit.
25. The hikers finally reached the summit and rested there.



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