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How to pronounce gyrate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gyrate

To move in a circular or spiraling movement, often characterized by rapid and continuous rotation or swirling around a central point.
"The hula hoop seemed to gyrate effortlessly around her waist."


Detailed meaning of gyrate

It conveys the image of something or someone moving in a circular, gyrating motion, resembling the patterns seen in dances like the hula hoop or the belly dance. "Gyrate" implies a dynamic and energetic movement, typically involving a twisting or spinning action, creating a sense of motion that can be either graceful or wild, depending on the context. This word is often used to depict the motion of objects like a spinning top or the hips of a dancer, and it conveys a vivid sense of circular, often rhythmic, movement. Overall, "gyrate" captures the idea of something or someone rotating or spiraling with a certain degree of intensity and can be associated with both artful and dynamic movements.

Example sentences containing gyrate

1. The colorful dancers gyrate to the rhythmic beat, mesmerizing the crowd.
2. Whirling leaves in the autumn breeze gyrate gracefully before settling.
3. The tireless wind turbines continuously gyrate, generating clean energy.
4. A swirling vortex of emotions makes my thoughts gyrate endlessly.
5. The blender's blades gyrate at high speed, blending ingredients smoothly.
6. The roller coaster cars gyrate wildly as they speed down the track.

History and etymology of gyrate

The verb 'gyrate' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'gyratus,' which is the past participle of 'gyrare,' meaning 'to turn' or 'to revolve.' In Latin, 'gyratus' described the action of turning or rotating, often in a circular or spiral motion. As the term transitioned into Middle French and eventually into English, it became 'gyrate,' retaining its sense of moving in a circular or spiraling manner, characterized by rapid and continuous rotation or swirling around a central point. 'Gyrate' is commonly used to describe various forms of circular or spinning movements, from the whirling of a dancer to the swirling of objects in motion. The etymology of 'gyrate' effectively conveys its historical association with rotational and circular motions, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the action of moving in a spiraling or revolving pattern around a central point.

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Further usage examples of gyrate

1. Time seemed to gyrate as we danced under the starry night sky.
2. The figure skater's spins make her dress gyrate in a beautiful display.
3. Neon lights in the cityscape gyrate, creating a vibrant nightlife scene.
4. The storm's fierce winds caused debris to gyrate dangerously in the air.
5. The planets in our solar system gyrate in their celestial orbits.
6. The dancers gyrate energetically on the stage.
7. The DJ makes the crowd gyrate with his pulsating beats.
8. The washing machine started to gyrate violently during the spin cycle.
9. The helicopter blades gyrate as it prepares for takeoff.
10. The belly dancer's hips gyrate seductively to the rhythm of the music.
11. The amusement park ride caused my stomach to gyrate with excitement.
12. The colorful pinwheel began to gyrate in the breeze.
13. The snake's body began to gyrate as it slithered across the ground.
14. The figure skater gracefully gyrate on the ice, captivating the audience.
15. The carnival carousel made the horses gyrate up and down.
16. The wind caused the tree branches to gyrate wildly.
17. The hypnotist instructed the volunteers to close their eyes and gyrate their bodies.
18. The synchronized swimmers gyrate in perfect harmony in the water.
19. The washing machine's agitator causes the clothes to gyrate and get clean.
20. The gymnast's body seemed to gyrate effortlessly through the air during her routine.
21. The tribal dancers' movements were characterized by their ability to gyrate their hips.
22. The washing machine's spin cycle caused the clothes to gyrate and remove excess water.
23. The music's infectious rhythm made everyone in the club gyrate to the beat.
24. The tornado's powerful winds caused debris to gyrate violently in the air.



spin, stabilize, stay, hold


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