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adversity, ease, comfort, luxury


Challenges and Distress, Adversities and Complications, Sorrow and Strife, Perseverance and Fortitude, Hardship and Suffering



How to pronounce hardship (audio)


Dictionary definition of hardship

A condition or situation characterized by difficulty, adversity, or suffering.
"The hiker endured physical hardships during the grueling mountain expedition."

Detailed meaning of hardship

It represents the experience of enduring challenging circumstances that often result in physical, emotional, or financial strain. Hardship can arise from various sources, including poverty, illness, loss, natural disasters, or personal setbacks. It entails enduring hardships and enduring hardships can impact individuals and communities, testing their resilience and resourcefulness. Hardships can manifest in different forms, such as financial struggles, emotional distress, physical ailments, or social isolation. They can impose significant limitations and burdens, forcing individuals to face and overcome obstacles in order to adapt and survive. Despite its negative connotation, hardship can also foster personal growth, resilience, and the development of coping mechanisms, ultimately shaping individuals' character and values. Society often recognizes and empathizes with those facing hardships, and support systems and resources are put in place to alleviate their struggles and provide assistance during challenging times.

Example sentences containing hardship

1. The family faced financial hardship after the breadwinner lost their job.
2. The war-torn region experienced immense hardships, including displacement and scarcity of basic necessities.
3. The pandemic brought unprecedented hardships to businesses, leading to closures and layoffs.
4. The memoir recounted the author's journey through poverty and hardships to achieve success.
5. The organization provided aid to those facing hardships due to natural disasters.
6. The athlete's injury caused hardships, requiring intense rehabilitation and a pause in their career.

History and etymology of hardship

The noun 'hardship' has its etymological roots in Middle English and Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'heard,' which means 'hard' or 'severe,' and 'sceap,' which means 'ship' or 'condition.' In Middle English, 'hardship' emerged as a term to describe a condition or situation characterized by difficulty, adversity, or suffering, reflecting the idea of enduring something severe or challenging. This etymology highlights the intrinsic connection between the concept of 'hardness' or 'severity' and the experiences of adversity and suffering that define what we now understand as 'hardship.'

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Further usage examples of hardship

1. The elderly widow lived through many hardships but remained resilient and hopeful.
2. The orphanage provided shelter and support to children facing hardships.
3. The community rallied together to support families enduring hardships during the holiday season.
4. The documentary shed light on the hardships faced by migrant workers in search of a better life.
5. The nonprofit organization offered counseling services to help individuals navigate emotional hardships.
6. Enduring hardship can test one's resilience and strength.
7. Many people have overcome tremendous hardships in life.
8. Financial hardship can lead to stress and anxiety.
9. Facing hardship can be a transformative experience.
10. Empathy grows from understanding others' hardships.
11. Communities often come together during times of hardship.
12. The hardship of poverty can limit opportunities.
13. Hardship can teach valuable life lessons.
14. Overcoming hardship can be a source of inspiration.
15. Assistance programs help alleviate financial hardships.
16. Personal growth often arises from facing hardships.
17. Perseverance is key when dealing with hardships.
18. The family supported each other through hardships.
19. Coping with hardship can build resilience.
20. Hardships can reveal one's true character.
21. Compassion is essential in times of hardship.
22. Emotional hardships can be just as challenging.
23. Solidarity can ease the burden of hardship.
24. Many charities aid those in economic hardship.
25. Empathy can bridge the gap during hardships.

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