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How to pronounce suffering (audio)


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Dictionary definition of suffering

The state of experiencing pain, distress, or hardship, both physically and emotionally.
"The war brought untold suffering to the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire."

Detailed meaning of suffering

It is a deeply personal and subjective experience that encompasses a wide range of negative feelings and conditions. Suffering can arise from various sources, such as illness, loss, trauma, or adversity. It encompasses not only the physical sensations of pain and discomfort but also the emotional and psychological anguish that accompanies it. Suffering can be both temporary and chronic, ranging from fleeting moments of discomfort to prolonged periods of agony. It is a fundamental aspect of the human condition, and its existence prompts profound questions about the nature of existence, compassion, and the search for meaning. While suffering is often seen as a negative experience, it can also be a catalyst for personal growth, empathy, and resilience. Understanding and alleviating suffering, both in ourselves and others, is a central concern in various fields, including medicine, psychology, and spirituality.

Example sentences containing suffering

1. The sight of the injured animal filled me with profound suffering.
2. She endured immense suffering as she battled with chronic pain.
3. The artist's paintings captured the raw emotions of human suffering.
4. The charity organization aims to alleviate the suffering of the homeless population.
5. The novel depicted the protagonist's journey through suffering and eventual redemption.
6. The photographs displayed the harrowing suffering of famine-stricken communities.

History and etymology of suffering

The noun 'suffering' derives from the Middle English word 'suffryng,' which can be traced back to the Old French term 'sofrir,' and ultimately to the Latin word 'sufferentia.' This Latin word is formed from 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'ferre,' which means 'to bear' or 'to carry.' The etymology of 'suffering' subtly reflects the idea of carrying or enduring pain, distress, or hardship, both physically and emotionally. It suggests the state of experiencing something difficult or unpleasant without explicitly delving into its specific definition, aligning with its modern-day meaning related to the endurance of suffering.

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Further usage examples of suffering

1. The therapist provided a safe space for individuals to share their experiences of suffering.
2. The documentary shed light on the systemic suffering faced by marginalized communities.
3. The Buddhist teachings offer insights on the nature of suffering and its transcendence.
4. Despite her suffering, she managed to find moments of joy in simple pleasures.
5. The nurse's compassion provided solace to patients in their moments of suffering.
6. Compassion can alleviate the suffering of those in need.
7. The war's aftermath left a trail of unimaginable suffering.
8. His empathy helped ease her emotional suffering.
9. Poverty often leads to widespread suffering in communities.
10. Suffering can bring about profound personal growth.
11. The doctor's goal is to reduce patients' suffering.
12. Witnessing the natural disaster's aftermath was heart-wrenching suffering.
13. Mental health support is crucial for alleviating emotional suffering.
14. Humanitarian aid can alleviate the suffering of refugees.
15. Suffering can be a catalyst for societal change.
16. The novel explores themes of love, loss, and human suffering.
17. Suffering can foster resilience and strength in individuals.
18. Volunteers work tirelessly to alleviate suffering in crisis zones.
19. The documentary shed light on the suffering of child laborers.
20. Compassion is a powerful force in reducing suffering.
21. Suffering often leads to introspection and self-discovery.
22. Many charities aim to alleviate the suffering of the homeless.
23. Empathy is essential in understanding others' suffering.
24. Suffering can be a driving force for social activism.
25. Art can be a means of expressing and processing deep suffering.



agony, comfort, joy, pleasure


Trials and Tribulations, Decline and Disintegrate, Discomfort and Distress, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Perseverance and Fortitude, Hardship and Suffering

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