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How to pronounce hemophobia (audio)

Dictionary definition of hemophobia

An intense and irrational fear or aversion towards blood.
"Hemophobia can cause individuals to avoid medical procedures and interventions."

Detailed meaning of hemophobia

Also known as blood phobia or hematophobia, it is a specific phobia classified under anxiety disorders. Individuals suffering from hemophobia experience extreme distress and anxiety when confronted with the sight, thought, or mention of blood. This fear can be triggered by various situations, such as medical procedures, accidents, or even simple discussions about blood-related topics. Hemophobes often go to great lengths to avoid situations involving blood, leading to a significant impact on their daily lives and potentially hindering their ability to seek necessary medical care. The symptoms of hemophobia can range from elevated heart rate, sweating, and dizziness to full-blown panic attacks. Treatment for hemophobia typically involves cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and sometimes medication, all aimed at helping individuals overcome their fear and regain control over their lives.

Example sentences containing hemophobia

1. Hemophobia is a common phobia that affects many individuals.
2. People with hemophobia experience extreme fear when exposed to blood.
3. The sight of blood triggers intense anxiety in those with hemophobia.
4. Hemophobia can make it challenging for individuals to receive necessary medical care.
5. The symptoms of hemophobia may include rapid heartbeat and sweating.
6. Hemophobia can lead to avoidance behaviors and social isolation.

History and etymology of hemophobia

The noun 'hemophobia' is constructed from two distinct components: 'hemo-' and '-phobia.' 'Hemo-' is derived from the Greek word 'haima,' which means 'blood.' '-Phobia' is a suffix of Greek origin used to denote a strong, irrational fear or aversion. Therefore, 'hemophobia' essentially translates to an intense and irrational fear or aversion towards blood. This term is used in medical and psychological contexts to describe individuals who experience extreme anxiety or panic when exposed to blood, often to the point of causing physical and emotional distress. The etymology of 'hemophobia' underscores the specific nature of this fear, which is centered around the presence or sight of blood.

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Further usage examples of hemophobia

1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is often used to treat hemophobia.
2. Exposure therapy helps individuals gradually confront their fear of blood.
3. Medication may be prescribed to manage the anxiety associated with hemophobia.
4. Individuals with hemophobia may experience panic attacks in blood-related situations.
5. Support groups can provide valuable assistance to those struggling with hemophobia.
6. Hemophobia can make medical procedures incredibly distressing.
7. Her hemophobia made it challenging to even watch a medical show.
8. Hemophobia often leads to avoidance of hospitals and doctors.
9. Hemophobia can result in fainting at the sight of blood.
10. Coping with hemophobia requires specialized therapy.
11. His hemophobia triggered panic attacks during blood tests.
12. Understanding hemophobia is crucial for healthcare providers.
13. Hemophobia is a common phobia that affects many people.
14. Her hemophobia made it difficult to support her injured friend.
15. Hemophobia can be debilitating in emergency situations.
16. The therapist helped him overcome his hemophobia gradually.
17. Hemophobia can lead to severe anxiety in medical situations.
18. Her hemophobia prevented her from pursuing a medical career.
19. The hemophobia support group provided a safe space to share experiences.
20. Hemophobia can develop after a traumatic blood-related event.
21. His hemophobia made it tough to care for his wounded pet.
22. Hemophobia is treatable with exposure therapy and counseling.
23. Overcoming hemophobia is a courageous journey to embark on.
24. Hemophobia can cause social isolation and anxiety.
25. Her hemophobia, though challenging, didn't define her strength.



blood-fear, indifference to blood, unafraid of blood, comfort with blood


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