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How to pronounce hoist (audio)

Dictionary definition of hoist

To lift or raise something, typically using a mechanical device or physical effort.
"We'll need to hoist the sail if we want to catch the wind."

Detailed meaning of hoist

It involves exerting force to elevate an object from a lower position to a higher one. Hoisting often entails using ropes, pulleys, cranes, or other equipment designed to facilitate the lifting process. This action is commonly employed in various scenarios, such as loading heavy cargo onto ships, raising flags on flagpoles, lifting weights in weightlifting exercises, or elevating construction materials to higher levels of a building. The verb "hoist" implies a deliberate and controlled movement to raise an object vertically, implying an upward motion against the force of gravity.

Example sentences containing hoist

1. They hoist the flag every morning to start the school day.
2. The construction workers hoist heavy beams with cranes.
3. She had to hoist herself over the wall during the obstacle race.
4. The fishermen hoist their nets out of the water at dawn.
5. With teamwork, they managed to hoist the car out of the ditch.
6. The sailors hoist the sails to catch the wind's power.

History and etymology of hoist

The verb 'hoist' has its origins in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'hoiste' or 'hoyse.' It was derived from the Old French word 'hoister,' which meant 'to lift' or 'to raise.' The Old French term itself can be traced back to the Latin 'haurire,' meaning 'to draw up' or 'to raise.' The concept of 'hoist' involves lifting or raising something, typically using a mechanical device or physical effort. Its etymology reflects the idea of drawing up or raising objects from a lower to a higher position, emphasizing the action of lifting or elevating something with effort or mechanical assistance.

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Further usage examples of hoist

1. He struggled to hoist the heavy suitcase into the overhead bin.
2. They hoist the championship trophy with jubilation.
3. The weightlifters hoist enormous barbells with ease.
4. Using ropes, they hoist the equipment to the mountain's peak.
5. The firefighters hoist people to safety during rescue missions.
6. The workers hoist the steel beams with a crane.
7. They hoist the flag every morning at sunrise.
8. Can you help me hoist this heavy box onto the shelf?
9. The sailors rush to hoist the anchor.
10. We should hoist the banner higher so everyone can see it.
11. The team hoist the captain onto their shoulders after the win.
12. The crew use pulleys to hoist the cargo onto the ship.
13. They hoist the lanterns into the trees for the night festival.
14. The firefighters hoist the ladder to reach the upper window.
15. She’ll hoist her backpack onto her shoulders before starting the hike.
16. To hoist the piano to the second floor, they use a special lift.
17. They hoist the lifeboat to the deck after a rescue operation.
18. The builders hoist the bricks with a simple pulley system.
19. They hoist the sail as the wind picks up.
20. The forklift is used to hoist pallets onto the truck.
21. The actors hoist the scenery into place before the performance.
22. He uses a winch to hoist the engine out of the car.
23. The mechanics hoist the car to inspect its undercarriage.
24. The climbers use ropes to hoist their gear up the cliff.



lift, lower, drop, descend


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