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How to pronounce hurtle (audio)

Dictionary definition of hurtle

To move at a high speed or with great force, often with a sense of urgency or danger.
"The comet will hurtle through the night sky next month."

Detailed meaning of hurtle

It implies a rapid, uncontrollable motion that is accompanied by a loud or powerful sound. This word is often used to describe the movement of an object or person, as in "the car hurtled down the road" or "the asteroid hurtled towards Earth." 'Hurtle' can also be used metaphorically to describe the rapid progress or sudden movement of a situation or idea, as in "the company is hurtling towards bankruptcy" or "the conversation hurtled towards a heated argument."

Example sentences containing hurtle

1. I watched stars hurtle across the galaxy, painting the cosmos with light.
2. Cars hurtle down the racetrack, engines roaring and crowds cheering.
3. Missiles hurtle through the air, marking the beginning of the war.
4. Met with awe, comets hurtle past Earth, a celestial dance in the sky.
5. Nightmares of asteroids that hurtle towards Earth keep scientists awake.
6. In the game, players hurtle through space, dodging alien ships.

History and etymology of hurtle

The verb 'hurtle' has its etymological origins in Middle English. It is believed to have evolved from the Middle English word 'hurten,' which meant 'to strike' or 'to collide with force.' This Middle English term has its roots in Old French, particularly the word 'hurter,' which also meant 'to strike' or 'to collide.' Over time, 'hurtle' emerged in Modern English, retaining the sense of moving with great speed and force, often suggesting urgency or danger. 'Hurtle' is commonly used to describe objects or individuals rapidly and forcefully moving through space, as if propelled by great energy. The etymology of 'hurtle' effectively conveys its historical association with swift and forceful motion, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the action of moving at high speeds with a sense of urgency or potential peril.

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Further usage examples of hurtle

1. Eagles hurtle from the mountain, eyes locked onto their prey below.
2. Kids on sleds hurtle down the hill, laughter filling the cold air.
3. Waves hurtle against the shore, a relentless dance of nature’s power.
4. During the storm, branches hurtle through the air, causing chaos.
5. He watched in amazement as the skateboarder appeared to hurtle over the staircase.
6. With the boost of the rocket's engines, the spacecraft began to hurtle towards Mars.
7. The cars continue to hurtle down the racetrack at an astonishing speed.
8. If you are not careful, the sled can hurtle down the hillside out of control.
9. The fearless child took delight in watching the roller coaster hurtle through the loops.
10. The soccer ball seemed to hurtle towards the goal post with a force unseen before.
11. I saw the books hurtle from the top shelf when the earthquake started.
12. With the right force, you can hurtle a stone across the entire pond.
13. As the storm approached, the raindrops began to hurtle against the windowpane.
14. If we don't reduce our speed soon, we'll hurtle off the edge of the cliff.
15. The train seemed to hurtle through the countryside, leaving a trail of dust behind.
16. Anxious and late, she watched the taxi hurtle through the traffic.
17. The bowling ball continued to hurtle down the lane, heading straight for the pins.
18. The fighter jets will hurtle through the sky during the air show this afternoon.
19. In the video game, the hero had to hurtle over various obstacles to survive.
20. The shooting star seemed to hurtle across the sky, disappearing within a blink.
21. As the dam broke, the water began to hurtle towards the village.
22. The skier took a deep breath before allowing himself to hurtle down the steep slope.
23. In his dream, he saw himself hurtle through a strange, alien landscape.



rush, crawl, dawdle, amble


Challenges and Difficulties, Decline and Disintegrate, Persistence and Perseverance, Energy and Vitality, Domination and Power, Traverse and Teeter, Movement and Flow

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