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How to pronounce immaterial (audio)

Dictionary definition of immaterial

Not relevant, significant, or important in a particular context or situation.
"The slight delay was immaterial in the grand scheme of things."

Detailed meaning of immaterial

When we describe a matter as immaterial, we are essentially stating that it lacks relevance or significance within the given context, and it can be safely disregarded or considered inconsequential. This term is often used to emphasize that certain factors or details do not bear any weight or relevance in a discussion, decision-making process, or argument. It underscores the idea that these aspects are not material to the core issue at hand. For example, in a legal case, an attorney may argue that certain evidence is immaterial to the central claims, meaning it doesn't impact the case's key points or outcomes. In summary, "immaterial" denotes the insignificance or irrelevance of something in a particular context or situation, allowing us to focus on what truly matters.

Example sentences containing immaterial

1. His opinion on the matter is immaterial to the final decision.
2. In this case, your personal feelings are immaterial; we need facts.
3. Whether it rains tomorrow is immaterial to our outdoor plans.
4. The color of the packaging is immaterial; focus on the product.
5. His past mistakes are immaterial to his qualifications for the job.
6. The price of the ticket is immaterial compared to the experience.

History and etymology of immaterial

The adjective 'immaterial' finds its origins in the Latin language. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'immaterialis,' which consists of two components: 'im-' meaning 'not' or 'without,' and 'materialis' derived from 'materia,' which means 'matter' or 'substance.' Therefore, 'immaterial' etymologically signifies the absence or lack of material or substance. This linguistic root reflects its modern usage, where it denotes something that is not relevant, significant, or important in a particular context or situation, emphasizing its intangible and unimportant nature within the given framework.

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Further usage examples of immaterial

1. Her age is immaterial; she's incredibly talented.
2. Your social status is immaterial when it comes to true friendship.
3. The length of the meeting is immaterial; let's address the issues.
4. His objections are immaterial; we're proceeding as planned.
5. The irrelevant details are immaterial to the main argument.
6. Your excuses are immaterial; the deadline remains unchanged.
7. In this scientific context, personal beliefs are immaterial.
8. Your nationality is immaterial in our diverse community.
9. The location of the conference is immaterial; the content matters.
10. His wealth is immaterial to the quality of his character.
11. Whether you like it or not is immaterial; it's necessary.
12. Your attire is immaterial as long as you're comfortable.
13. The timing of her arrival is immaterial to our celebration.
14. In mathematics, personal biases are immaterial to the calculations.
15. The difference in color was immaterial, as long as the product was functional.
16. The minor error was immaterial to the overall success of the project.
17. The difference in opinion was immaterial, as long as both parties were happy with the outcome.
18. The small mistake was immaterial as it didn't affect the end result.
19. The immaterial aspect of the design was not important for the functionality of the product.
20. The small discrepancy in the data was immaterial, as it did not impact the conclusion.
21. The immaterial feature was not relevant to the main purpose of the product.
22. The small misspelling in the document was immaterial and didn't affect the meaning.
23. The immaterial aspect of the problem was not significant enough to cause concern.
24. The slight variation in the recipe was immaterial as it didn't affect the taste.
25. The minor difference in price was immaterial as the quality of the product was more important.



irrelevant, pertinent, important, significant


Prefix im-, High School 18, SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Unclear and Uncertain

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