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How to pronounce insignificant (audio)

Dictionary definition of insignificant

Lacking importance, impact, or significance in relation to a particular context or situation.
"Her worries seemed insignificant when she realized the extent of her friend’s troubles."

Detailed meaning of insignificant

It suggests a lack of significance, relevance, or influence, often indicating that the object or person in question holds little or no value, importance, or consequence. When describing an event, action, or object as insignificant, it implies that it has minimal or negligible effect, often considered unremarkable, trivial, or inconsequential. Similarly, when referring to a person as insignificant, it suggests that they have little influence or importance in a given situation or within a particular social or professional context. Overall, the term "insignificant" emphasizes the lack of meaningful impact, value, or consequence associated with something or someone in a given context.

Example sentences containing insignificant

1. The error was so insignificant that nobody even noticed it.
2. She felt insignificant standing next to the towering skyscrapers.
3. His contribution to the project was disappointingly insignificant.
4. The scratch on the car was so insignificant that it didn’t require any repair.
5. Compared to the universe, our planet is just an insignificant speck.
6. The changes in the new model were so insignificant that many consumers didn’t bother upgrading.

History and etymology of insignificant

The adjective 'insignificant' finds its origins in the Latin word 'insignificans,' which is the present participle of 'insignificare.' In Latin, 'in' is a prefix meaning 'not,' and 'significare' means 'to signify' or 'to make known.' Thus, etymologically, 'insignificant' can be understood as something that does not signify or make itself known, lacking importance, impact, or significance in relation to a particular context or situation. This term reflects the idea of something being so unremarkable that it fails to make a significant impression or convey meaning.

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Further usage examples of insignificant

1. The amount of sugar he added was so insignificant that it didn’t affect the taste at all.
2. His arrogant behavior made others feel insignificant and unimportant.
3. The ancient artifact looked insignificant, but it was actually priceless.
4. The amount of time it takes to learn this technique is insignificant compared to the benefits it offers.
5. When she stood before the majestic mountains, her day-to-day problems suddenly seemed insignificant.
6. The budget cut had an insignificant impact on the project.
7. His contributions to the discussion were sadly insignificant.
8. Some issues are so insignificant that they don't warrant attention.
9. Insignificant setbacks shouldn't deter your determination.
10. The typo in the report was minor and largely insignificant.
11. Insignificant disagreements can escalate into major conflicts.
12. The price difference between the options was almost insignificant.
13. His role in the organization felt increasingly insignificant.
14. Insignificant details can often be overlooked in the process.
15. The hiccup in the plan turned out to be relatively insignificant.
16. The error in the code seemed insignificant at first glance.
17. Insignificant fluctuations in temperature can affect the experiment.
18. The delay was short and, in the end, insignificant.
19. Insignificant changes in the data can be misleading.
20. She considered the criticism to be trivial and insignificant.
21. Insignificant noise in the background disrupted the recording.
22. The impact of the new policy on employees felt insignificant.
23. He dismissed the rumor as baseless and insignificant.
24. Insignificant differences in taste can lead to heated debates.
25. Sometimes, what appears insignificant can hold hidden meaning.



trivial, important, significant, consequential


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