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rude, polite, respectful, considerate


Prefix im-, GRE 7 (Graduate Record Examination), Vexation and Aggravation, Discipline and Self-Control, Vilification and Vitriol, Disgust and Aversion, Rudeness and Unrefined



How to pronounce impertinent (audio)


Dictionary definition of impertinent

Rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate in behavior or speech.
"He was in no position to ask his boss such an impertinent question."

Detailed meaning of impertinent

It implies a lack of proper manners or respect for others, and suggests that the person in question has crossed a boundary of social or cultural norms. An impertinent person might be described as insolent, presumptuous, or forward, and might be prone to making inappropriate or insensitive comments. The term 'impertinent' can also be used to describe a question or comment that is considered rude or intrusive, such as a personal question about someone's finances or relationship status. Overall, the term 'impertinent' is used to describe someone or something that is considered rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate, and that violates the social or cultural norms of a particular context or situation.

Example sentences containing impertinent

1. The impertinent boy was scolded by the teacher for interrupting the class.
2. "I will not tolerate your impertinent behavior," the boss told the employee.
3. The actress was known for her impertinent attitude towards the paparazzi.
4. "That is an impertinent question," the politician replied to the journalist.
5. The customer's impertinent remark earned him a stern look from the store clerk.
6. The student's impertinent attitude towards the professor caused tensions in the classroom.

History and etymology of impertinent

The adjective 'impertinent' has its roots in Latin and Old French. It originated from the Latin word 'impertinens,' where 'im' meant 'not,' and 'pertinens' meant 'pertinent' or 'relevant.' In Old French, this evolved into 'impertinent,' which initially meant 'not relevant' or 'out of place.' Over time, the meaning of 'impertinent' shifted to describe behavior or speech that is rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate, often because it is considered irrelevant or intrusive in a given context. This transformation in meaning reflects how something that is seen as 'not pertinent' can come across as disrespectful or out of line, leading to the modern usage of 'impertinent' to denote such behavior or speech.

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Further usage examples of impertinent

1. The actor's impertinent comments during the interview raised eyebrows among the audience.
2. "I will not stand for your impertinent attitude any longer," the parent scolded their child.
3. The manager's impertinent response to the complaint angered the customer.
4. The tourist's impertinent behavior caused outrage among the locals.
5. The journalist's impertinent line of questioning irked the celebrity.
6. The impertinent dog barked and growled at the mailman.
7. Despite the warning, he continued with his impertinent behavior, unaware of the consequences.
8. The impertinent teenager ignored his parents' rules and did as he pleased.
9. His impertinent jokes crossed the line and offended those around him.
10. The impertinent waiter rolled his eyes at the customer's special requests.
11. Her impertinent tone of voice conveyed a lack of respect for authority.
12. His impertinent remarks during the meeting offended many attendees.
13. She found his impertinent questions about her personal life invasive.
14. The impertinent child was scolded for talking back to the teacher.
15. It's impertinent to interrupt someone when they're speaking.
16. The impertinent comments he made about her appearance were hurtful.
17. His impertinent behavior at the party embarrassed his friends.
18. The impertinent tone of the email upset the recipient.
19. She couldn't tolerate his impertinent jokes about sensitive topics.
20. In court, the lawyer was warned for his impertinent line of questioning.
21. The impertinent remarks about her cooking left her feeling disheartened.
22. His impertinent flirting made her uncomfortable and uneasy.
23. They were appalled by the impertinent graffiti on the wall.
24. The impertinent attitude of the customer led to their removal from the store.

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