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How to pronounce inextricable (audio)

Dictionary definition of inextricable

Impossible to separate or disentangle from another thing or things.
"The inextricable link between poverty and crime is well-documented."

Detailed meaning of inextricable

It implies a strong and complex connection between two or more elements, making it difficult or impossible to distinguish or isolate them from one another. The term is often used to describe a complicated or tangled situation that cannot be easily resolved, or a relationship that is too deeply intertwined to be easily broken. 'Inextricable' can be used to describe a range of scenarios, from the complex workings of the human mind to the complex relationships between countries, cultures, or systems. The term conveys a sense of complexity, interdependence, and a lack of clear boundaries or distinctions, highlighting the inescapable nature of certain connections or situations.

Example sentences containing inextricable

1. The bond between them was inextricable, woven through years of shared experiences.
2. His emotions were inextricable, a tangled web of joy and sorrow.
3. The history of the two nations is inextricable, intertwined for centuries.
4. Their destinies seemed inextricable, converging at that fateful moment.
5. The detective faced an inextricable puzzle, clues leading in all directions.
6. Love and pain were inextricable in her heart, impossible to separate.

History and etymology of inextricable

The word 'inextricable' has its roots in Latin. It can be broken down into two components: 'in-' and 'extricabilis.' The prefix 'in-' means 'not' or 'opposite of,' while 'extricabilis' is derived from 'extricare,' which means 'to disentangle' or 'to release from a snare.' Therefore, when we put these elements together, the etymology of 'inextricable' reveals its meaning as something that cannot be disentangled or separated, making it a fitting term to describe a situation or condition that is incredibly complex or impossible to unravel from other elements.

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Further usage examples of inextricable

1. The artist's use of color and texture created an inextricable masterpiece.
2. The roots of the ancient tree were inextricable, deep in the earth.
3. Their fates became inextricable, entwined by a twist of fate.
4. The threads of fate were inextricable, weaving a complex tapestry.
5. In the quantum world, particles exhibited inextricable connections, defying classical logic.
6. The inextricable bond between twins was evident in their telepathic connection.
7. In the midst of chaos, finding inner peace can feel inextricable.
8. The scientific and ethical aspects of cloning are inextricable.
9. His addiction to caffeine seemed inextricable from his daily routine.
10. The inextricable link between the environment and human health is clear.
11. The inextricable fusion of culture and cuisine made for a unique dining experience.
12. The mysteries of the cosmos remain inextricable, despite advances in astronomy.
13. The story's intricate plotlines were inextricable, requiring careful reading.
14. The inextricable history of the city was told through its architecture.
15. Navigating the maze of bureaucracy can feel inextricable at times.
16. The musician's lyrics and melodies were inextricable, creating emotional depth.
17. In the jungle, survival and adaptation are inextricable concepts.
18. The legal case was complex, with inextricable layers of evidence.
19. The inextricable connection between mentor and student fueled their success.
20. The inextricable mix of emotions during a farewell was overwhelming.
21. In the digital age, privacy and technology are inextricable issues.
22. The inextricable intertwining of love and pain is a universal theme.
23. The inextricable truth emerged, challenging preconceived notions.
24. The threads of time are inextricable, weaving the fabric of history.



intertwined, separable, distinct, detachable


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