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bonded, distant, separate, independent


Suffix -able, Attraction and Allure, Companionship and Support, Middle School 3, Connections and Interactions



How to pronounce inseparable (audio)


Dictionary definition of inseparable

Having a close and unbreakable connection between two or more things or individuals.
"The two brothers were inseparable, always playing and exploring together."

Detailed meaning of inseparable

It suggests a strong and unbreakable connection or bond between two or more entities. This bond can be physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. When two things or people are inseparable, they are so closely linked that they cannot be distinguished or separated from each other without causing damage or disruption to both. The concept of inseparability can apply to a wide range of contexts, from human relationships to objects in the natural world. Inseparability is often seen as a desirable trait, as it implies a deep and meaningful connection that endures over time and in the face of challenges.

Example sentences containing inseparable

1. The twins were inseparable since their early childhood.
2. Their bond was so strong; they seemed inseparable.
3. The old couple was inseparable, even in their later years.
4. Music and dance are inseparable elements of culture.
5. Love and understanding are often inseparable virtues.
6. They're not just friends; they're virtually inseparable.

History and etymology of inseparable

The adjective 'inseparable' is formed from the prefix 'in-' and the word 'separable.' 'In-' is a prefix that means 'not' or 'opposite of,' while 'separable' comes from the Latin word 'separabilis,' meaning 'able to be separated.' Therefore, 'inseparable' denotes the opposite, indicating that two or more things or individuals have a close and unbreakable connection that cannot easily be severed or divided. This etymology underscores the idea that 'inseparable' implies a strong and enduring bond or relationship that resists separation or detachment, emphasizing the unity and cohesion between the connected elements.

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Further usage examples of inseparable

1. Faith and hope are inseparable in any adversity.
2. The two nations have an inseparable historical bond.
3. Peanut butter and jelly feel almost inseparable.
4. The ocean and its waves are forever inseparable.
5. The duo was inseparable, shining brightly on stage.
6. Her dreams and aspirations were inseparable.
7. Science and discovery are inseparable partners.
8. They shared an inseparable bond of brotherhood.
9. To her, family and loyalty were inseparable.
10. The teammates were inseparable, both on and off the field.
11. Their stories are intertwined and inseparable.
12. Joy and laughter are inseparable at family reunions.
13. The inseparable pair roamed the world together.
14. Truth and courage remain inseparable allies.
15. The artist and his muse felt eternally inseparable.
16. Trust and communication are inseparable in relationships.
17. The book and its message were inseparable.
18. They had an inseparable bond, forged in adversity.
19. With every challenge, they grew more inseparable.

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