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insurmountable, surmountable, achievable, manageable


Suffix -able, Obstacles and Hardships, Demanding and Challenging, Ineffectual and Obsolete



How to pronounce insuperable (audio)


Dictionary definition of insuperable

Impossible to overcome or surmount, usually due to its immense difficulty or complexity.
"The language barrier presented an insuperable obstacle for the travelers."

Detailed meaning of insuperable

It can be used to describe challenges, obstacles, or problems that seem insurmountable or unachievable, and may evoke a sense of hopelessness or defeat. An insuperable obstacle may be one that is too high to climb, too wide to cross, or too difficult to solve. In personal or emotional contexts, the term 'insuperable' may describe a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with a situation. Overall, the adjective 'insuperable' implies a sense of permanence or inevitability, suggesting that there may be no way to overcome the difficulty or challenge at hand.

Example sentences containing insuperable

1. The challenge seemed insuperable at first, but she persevered.
2. Their insuperable differences led to a permanent rift.
3. The task's insuperable nature made many give up.
4. The team faced an insuperable obstacle on their journey.
5. The mountain's height appeared insuperable, but they climbed it.
6. Overcoming addiction can feel insuperable, but recovery is possible.

History and etymology of insuperable

The adjective 'insuperable' has its origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'insuperabilis,' which combines 'in-' meaning 'not' or 'un-' and 'superabilis' meaning 'capable of being overcome.' Therefore, the etymology of 'insuperable' conveys the idea of something that is not capable of being overcome. In English, it is used to describe obstacles, challenges, or difficulties that are so immense, complex, or overwhelming that they appear impossible to surmount or conquer. The term 'insuperable' underscores the idea of a barrier or challenge that is beyond one's capacity to overcome, reflecting its historical connection to the concept of extreme difficulty or impossibility.

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Further usage examples of insuperable

1. The language barrier seemed insuperable, but they learned to communicate.
2. In the face of insuperable odds, they found strength within.
3. His insuperable fear of public speaking held him back for years.
4. The financial burden seemed insuperable until they found a solution.
5. Her insuperable dedication to her craft made her a master.
6. The maze's complexity made it appear insuperable.
7. Overcoming grief can seem insuperable, but time heals.
8. The problem's insuperable nature required innovative thinking.
9. Despite insuperable doubts, they embarked on a daring adventure.
10. The project's insuperable challenges tested their skills.
11. The illness appeared insuperable, but she recovered against all odds.
12. In the face of insuperable odds, they found inner resilience.
13. Overcoming a fear of heights can feel insuperable, but therapy helps.
14. The insuperable divide between the two sides made compromise impossible.
15. The task of climbing Mount Everest seemed insuperable to most people.
16. The company faced an insuperable challenge in trying to turn around its declining sales.
17. The athlete was confident that he could overcome any insuperable challenge on the track.
18. The complexity of the problem made it seem insuperable to the researchers.
19. The fear of public speaking can feel insuperable to many people.
20. The bridge was rendered insuperable after a severe storm damaged its structure.
21. The negotiations hit an insuperable roadblock when both parties refused to compromise.
22. The vastness of the ocean made the idea of swimming across it seem insuperable.
23. The diagnosis of a rare disease can sometimes feel insuperable to patients.
24. The lack of resources created an insuperable barrier for the start-up company.
25. The intricate design of the puzzle presented an insuperable challenge for the amateur solver.

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