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How to pronounce ingenuity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ingenuity

The ability to come up with clever, original, and inventive solutions to problems or challenges.
"He was praised for his ingenuity in creating a new product."


Detailed meaning of ingenuity

Ingenuity refers to It is the quality of being resourceful, inventive, and imaginative. It is the ability to think outside the box and come up with new and creative ideas. Ingenuity often involves the ability to see possibilities where others see obstacles, and it often requires the ability to think creatively and critically. Ingenuity can be demonstrated in various fields such as science, engineering, art, and design. Ingenuity can be used to solve problems, create new products, or improve upon existing ones. People who possess ingenuity are often described as being innovative and forward-thinking. Ingenuity is an important quality for businesses, organizations, and individuals that wish to stay competitive and relevant in today's fast-paced world.

Example sentences containing ingenuity

1. The inventor's ingenuity led to the creation of a groundbreaking technology.
2. The escape artist amazed the audience with his ingenuity and skill.
3. The architect demonstrated great ingenuity in designing the unique building.
4. The puzzle required creative ingenuity to solve.
5. The engineer's ingenuity resulted in a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
6. The artist's ingenuity transformed ordinary materials into breathtaking sculptures.

History and etymology of ingenuity

The noun 'ingenuity' has its roots in Latin and Old French. It is primarily derived from the Latin word 'ingenium,' which denoted an individual's innate mental qualities, including cleverness, talent, and natural capacity for invention. This Latin term, in turn, influenced the Old French word 'ingignete,' which meant 'ingenuity' or 'ingenuousness.' Over time, the concept evolved in English to emphasize the ability to come up with clever and inventive solutions to problems or challenges. Thus, the etymology of 'ingenuity' highlights its historical association with the innate qualities of cleverness and resourcefulness that enable individuals to devise original and creative solutions to various difficulties and obstacles.

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Further usage examples of ingenuity

1. The entrepreneur's ingenuity helped launch a successful startup.
2. The detective admired the criminal's ingenuity in executing the perfect crime.
3. The ingenuity of the ancient civilization's irrigation systems was impressive.
4. The scientist's ingenuity led to a major breakthrough in medical research.
5. The ingenuity of the young musician was evident in her innovative compositions.
6. The survivalist's ingenuity allowed him to adapt to the harsh wilderness.
7. The chef's culinary ingenuity created a fusion of flavors that delighted the diners.
8. The ingenuity of the software developer resulted in a user-friendly interface.
9. The ingenuity of the design team made the product stand out in the market.
10. The explorer's ingenuity helped navigate through treacherous terrains.
11. The author's ingenuity in storytelling captivated readers around the world.
12. The inventor's ingenuity in renewable energy revolutionized the industry.
13. The athlete's ingenuity in training methods pushed the boundaries of performance.
14. The teacher's ingenuity in classroom activities made learning engaging and fun.
15. The invention was a testament to his ingenuity.
16. She showed ingenuity in finding a solution to the problem.
17. He was praised for his ingenuity in creating a new product.
18. She demonstrated ingenuity in her approach to the project.
19. He used his ingenuity to improve the design of the machine.
20. She displayed ingenuity in her cooking by creating a new recipe.
21. He was known for his ingenuity in solving difficult problems.
22. She showed ingenuity in finding a way to make the project more efficient.
23. He used his ingenuity to create a new system that saved time and money.
24. She demonstrated ingenuity in her ability to think outside the box.
25. He was recognized for his ingenuity in developing a new technology.
26. She showed ingenuity in her ability to come up with creative solutions.



creativity, unimaginativeness, dullness, ineptitude

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