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How to pronounce innumerable (audio)

Dictionary definition of innumerable

So vast, numerous, or countless that it cannot be accurately counted or enumerated.
"The writer received innumerable rejections before finally getting published."

Detailed meaning of innumerable

The adjective "innumerable" is used to describe a quantity or multitude that is so vast and numerous that it cannot be counted or precisely determined. When something is referred to as innumerable, it implies that there are so many of them that attempting to assign a specific number or quantity would be impractical or impossible. This term is often used to describe an overwhelming abundance or countless entities, such as in the case of innumerable stars in the night sky, innumerable grains of sand on a beach, or innumerable challenges in a complex task. "Innumerable" underscores the idea of an almost limitless quantity, emphasizing the sheer scale and magnitude of what is being described, making it difficult if not impossible to enumerate.

Example sentences containing innumerable

1. In the forest, there are innumerable species of birds.
2. She faced innumerable challenges on her journey.
3. The city's lights dazzled with innumerable colors at night.
4. The library houses innumerable books from different eras.
5. In the desert, there are innumerable stars in the night sky.
6. The internet provides access to innumerable sources of information.

History and etymology of innumerable

The adjective 'innumerable' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'innumerabilis,' which consists of two components: 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'numerabilis,' meaning 'able to be counted.' Therefore, when we examine the etymology of 'innumerable,' it conveys the idea of something so vast, numerous, or countless that it cannot be accurately counted or enumerated. The prefix 'in-' negates the ability to count or quantify, emphasizing the overwhelming abundance or multitude of the subject at hand. This etymological origin aligns perfectly with the modern usage of 'innumerable' to describe something so numerous or vast that it defies precise enumeration.

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Further usage examples of innumerable

1. Over the years, he amassed innumerable collectibles.
2. The historical site contains innumerable artifacts.
3. The opportunities in this field are innumerable.
4. The chef's menu features innumerable delicious dishes.
5. The artist created innumerable masterpieces in his lifetime.
6. The market offers innumerable choices for shoppers.
7. The ocean is home to innumerable species of marine life.
8. The company's success led to innumerable job opportunities.
9. His knowledge spans innumerable subjects.
10. Innumerable fans gathered to watch the concert.
11. The charity has helped innumerable families in need.
12. The national park boasts innumerable hiking trails.
13. The inventor held innumerable patents for his innovations.
14. The marathon attracted innumerable participants from around the world.
15. The museum had innumerable artifacts from different time periods.
16. The book contained innumerable references to historical events.
17. The artist used innumerable colors to create a vibrant painting.
18. The internet offers innumerable options for online shopping.
19. The athlete had innumerable medals from various competitions.
20. The politician made innumerable promises during the election campaign.
21. The professor assigned innumerable readings for the semester.
22. The city had innumerable attractions for tourists to explore.
23. The scientist discovered innumerable new species during the expedition.
24. The musician wrote innumerable songs throughout their career.
25. The company had innumerable products in its catalog.



countless, few, limited, numbered


SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Abundance and Excess, Size and Amount

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