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How to pronounce insurgence (audio)

Dictionary definition of insurgence

An organized and often violent uprising or rebellion against an established authority or government.
"The insurgence spread like wildfire, gaining support from disillusioned citizens."

Detailed meaning of insurgence

It signifies a collective action taken by a group of individuals who are dissatisfied with the existing power structure and seek to challenge or overthrow it. Insurgence is driven by a strong desire for change, fueled by grievances, grievances, or a sense of injustice. It typically involves acts of resistance, protest, and defiance aimed at subverting the status quo and creating a shift in power dynamics. Insurgence can emerge in various contexts, such as political, social, or even military, and is often marked by acts of civil disobedience, demonstrations, and armed conflict. The term encapsulates the spirit of resistance and the determination of those who are willing to challenge oppressive systems or regimes in pursuit of their goals and ideals.

Example sentences containing insurgence

1. The country witnessed a violent insurgence aimed at overthrowing the corrupt government.
2. The leader of the insurgence called for unity among the rebels to achieve their objectives.
3. The military crackdown was intended to suppress the insurgence and restore order.
4. The government declared a state of emergency in response to the growing insurgence.
5. The insurgence leaders strategized covertly, planning their next move against the regime.
6. The insurgence was met with brutal repression, resulting in numerous casualties.

History and etymology of insurgence

The noun 'insurgence' is derived from the verb 'insurge,' which in turn comes from the Latin word 'insurgere.' 'Insurgere' is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'against,' and 'surgere,' meaning 'to rise' or 'to stand up.' Therefore, etymologically, 'insurgence' reflects the idea of individuals or groups rising up against an established authority or government, often in an organized and sometimes violent manner. It encapsulates the notion of a collective uprising, driven by a desire for change or the overthrow of an existing power structure.

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Further usage examples of insurgence

1. The international community expressed concern over the escalating insurgence and its impact on civilian lives.
2. The insurgence fighters hid in the mountains, launching surprise attacks on government forces.
3. The insurgence became a symbol of resistance and hope for oppressed communities.
4. The insurgence was marked by acts of sabotage and guerrilla warfare.
5. The government labeled the insurgence as a threat to national security and launched a counteroffensive.
6. The military quashed the insurgence with overwhelming force.
7. The insurgence of rebels threatened the stability of the region.
8. The leader emerged from the insurgence as a charismatic figure.
9. Diplomatic efforts failed to prevent the insurgence from escalating.
10. The government declared a state of emergency to curb the insurgence.
11. The insurgence was marked by fierce battles and political upheaval.
12. The insurgence gained momentum as discontent spread.
13. Citizens lived in fear during the violent insurgence.
14. The international community condemned the insurgence.
15. The insurgence sought to overthrow the oppressive regime.
16. A clandestine network fueled the insurgence with resources.
17. Negotiations aimed to bring an end to the prolonged insurgence.
18. The insurgency's leadership was shrouded in secrecy.
19. Many civilians were displaced by the ongoing insurgence.
20. Journalists faced grave risks covering the insurgence.
21. Humanitarian aid was scarce in the midst of the insurgence.
22. The insurgence left a trail of destruction in its wake.
23. Security forces struggled to contain the widespread insurgence.
24. The insurgence drew support from disenfranchised populations.
25. A fragile peace followed the eventual end of the insurgence.



rebellion, compliance, submission, obedience


Suffix -ence, Vexation and Aggravation, Democracy and Diversity, Conflict and Disagreement, Conflict and Confrontation, Emancipation and Rebellion

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