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seize, miss, bypass, ignore


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How to pronounce intercept (audio)


Dictionary definition of intercept

To stop, interrupt, or seize something that is in motion or on its way to a destination.
"The police planned to intercept the stolen goods at the border."

Detailed meaning of intercept

It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as intercepting a pass in sports, intercepting a communication signal in telecommunications, or intercepting a package in transit. The act of intercepting involves blocking or diverting the path of the object being intercepted, and potentially gaining control or possession of it. Intercepting can also refer to the act of intercepting someone's thoughts or intentions, such as intercepting a criminal's plans before they are carried out. Overall, intercepting involves halting or redirecting the intended course of something, and it can have a significant impact on the outcome of a situation.

Example sentences containing intercept

1. The goalkeeper moves quickly to intercept the ball.
2. She managed to intercept his letter before it reached his desk.
3. Their communications were encrypted to prevent anyone from being able to intercept them.
4. The eagle swooped down to intercept its prey mid-flight.
5. She tried to intercept him in the hallway to talk about the project.
6. Their mission is to intercept the enemy's supply routes.

History and etymology of intercept

The verb 'intercept' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'interceptus,' which is the past participle of 'intercipere.' 'Inter' means 'between,' and 'cipere' comes from 'capere,' which means 'to take' or 'to seize.' In Latin, 'intercipere' meant to take or seize something that is between or in the middle of its journey. Over time, this term was adapted into English as 'intercept,' retaining its fundamental meaning of stopping, interrupting, or seizing something that is in motion or on its way to a destination. The etymology of 'intercept' effectively conveys the idea of taking control of something in transit, emphasizing the act of interrupting its progress or course.

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Further usage examples of intercept

1. He rushed ahead to intercept the runner at the finish line.
2. I had to intercept my dog before he reached the road.
3. The team of scientists aims to intercept the comet on its path.
4. You must intercept the villain before he enacts his plan.
5. The missile system is designed to intercept incoming projectiles.
6. She stepped forward to intercept the pass during the basketball game.
7. Our new software can intercept fraudulent transactions before they are processed.
8. His little sister would always intercept his phone calls.
9. The spy's job was to intercept and decode the enemy's messages.
10. I managed to intercept the email before it went out to everyone.
11. The cornerback read the quarterback's eyes and managed to intercept the ball.
12. Can you intercept that delivery? It's going to the wrong address.
13. She raised her hand to intercept the waiter passing by with the tray of drinks.

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