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How to pronounce interlace (audio)


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Dictionary definition of interlace

To weave or intertwine different elements or parts together to create a unified whole.
"The author managed to interlace historical events with fiction in his novel."

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Detailed meaning of interlace

This process involves intertwining or interlocking individual strands, threads, or components in a deliberate and interconnected manner. Interlacing can be applied in various contexts, such as weaving textiles, braiding hair, or constructing intricate patterns. It often requires careful coordination and precision to ensure that the elements are seamlessly integrated, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious structure. The verb 'interlace' implies the creation of a complex network or pattern by interweaving distinct elements, forming a unified entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Example sentences containing interlace

1. They began to interlace the colorful threads to create a beautiful tapestry.
2. He decided to interlace his presentation with humor to keep the audience engaged.
3. To create a strong structure, the architect recommended to interlace steel beams.
4. In the dance, the performers would interlace their arms gracefully and spin.
5. As the vines grew, they began to interlace, forming a thick natural screen.
6. The film interlace various narratives to create a rich and complex story.

History and etymology of interlace

The verb 'interlace' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'interlacere,' which is formed from 'inter,' meaning 'between,' and 'lacere,' meaning 'to entwine' or 'to lace.' Etymologically, 'interlace' signifies the act of weaving or intertwining different elements or parts together to create a unified whole. This term reflects the idea of connecting or lacing things together in a way that they become interwoven, resulting in a cohesive and interconnected structure or pattern. 'Interlace' embodies the concept of unification through intricate weaving, symbolizing the fusion of disparate elements into a harmonious whole.

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Further usage examples of interlace

1. She used her skills to interlace different elements into her innovative artwork.
2. The chef decided to interlace the flavors, ensuring the dish was both sweet and spicy.
3. In the garden, she chose to interlace the flowers with herbs for a beautiful mix.
4. To make the shoe, the artisan would interlace leather strips in a unique pattern.
5. The ancient tribes would interlace tree branches to construct sturdy shelter roofs.
6. He used software to interlace high-resolution images, creating a detailed panorama.
7. The documentary will interlace interviews and archival footage for a comprehensive view.
8. The threads interlace to form a strong fabric.
9. I interlace my fingers and wait patiently.
10. The branches interlace to create a beautiful canopy.
11. The dancers interlace their hands and spin around gracefully.
12. The puzzle pieces interlace perfectly, forming a complete picture.
13. She interlaces her fingers with mine, a sign of affection.
14. The ivy vines interlace along the garden fence.
15. The artist uses different colors to interlace vibrant patterns in their painting.
16. The roots of the trees interlace underground, creating a complex network.
17. The words on the page interlace to form a compelling story.
18. The shoelaces interlace in a crisscross pattern.
19. The Celtic knot design features interlacing lines.
20. The characters' storylines interlace in unexpected ways.
21. The fingers of the pianist interlace as they play a complex melody.
22. The braided hairstyle interlaces strands of hair beautifully.
23. The spider's web interlaces with delicate precision.
24. The architect designs a building with interlacing staircases.
25. The craftsman interlaces strips of wood to create an intricate basket.
26. The emotions of joy and sadness interlace in her expressive eyes.
27. The hiker follows a trail that interlaces through the forest.



entwine, separate, disconnect, disjoin


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