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How to pronounce entwine (audio)

Dictionary definition of entwine

To twist, interweave, or intertwine two or more things together, often in a manner that creates a complex or intricate pattern.
"The dancers gracefully entwine their arms in the ballet."

Detailed meaning of entwine

When objects or elements are entwined, they become closely and intricately intertwined, forming a unified or interconnected whole. This action can involve physical objects, such as intertwining branches, vines, or threads, or it can describe the act of linking or connecting abstract concepts, ideas, or relationships. The act of entwining often implies a deliberate or intentional intertwining, where two or more elements are brought together to create a bond or unity. Metaphorically, the verb "entwine" can also be used to describe the intertwining of emotions, destinies, or lives, representing a deep and intimate connection. Overall, "entwine" signifies the act of weaving or joining things together in a way that creates a harmonious, intertwined relationship.

Example sentences containing entwine

1. The vines entwine around the old oak tree, forming a natural sculpture.
2. Their destinies seemed to entwine as they met again and again.
3. The dancers' bodies entwine gracefully in a mesmerizing routine.
4. The threads of fate often entwine in unexpected ways.
5. Their stories entwine, revealing a web of hidden connections.
6. The lovers' fingers entwine as they stroll along the beach.

History and etymology of entwine

The verb 'entwine' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'twīnan,' which meant 'to twist' or 'to wind.' This Old English term evolved from the Proto-Germanic word 'twīnan,' which shared a similar meaning. The 'en-' prefix signifies 'in' or 'into,' and when combined with 'twine,' it conveys the idea of twisting or interweaving two or more things together, often in a manner that creates a complex or intricate pattern. Thus, 'entwine' reflects the act of binding or connecting elements in such a way that they become intricately intertwined, much like the threads in a woven fabric, resulting in a unified and often beautiful whole.

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Further usage examples of entwine

1. The melodies of the two instruments entwine in a harmonious duet.
2. The snakes entwine in a mesmerizing mating ritual.
3. The roots of the trees in the forest entwine underground.
4. The plot lines of the novel entwine to create a complex narrative.
5. The ivy leaves entwine on the walls of the ancient castle.
6. The vines entwine around the old oak tree.
7. We can entwine these strings to make a strong rope.
8. The young couple entwine their hands as they walk through the park.
9. As the wind blows, the tendrils of the plant entwine around the trellis.
10. The ropes will entwine when you twist them together.
11. She uses a special technique to entwine the flowers into a beautiful garland.
12. The tribes entwine their histories through shared rituals and storytelling.
13. The baker uses chocolate and vanilla to entwine flavors in her cake.
14. Her hair will entwine in the wind if she doesn’t tie it up.
15. As the seasons change, the ivy will entwine the whole facade of the building.
16. Use this tool to entwine the wires securely.
17. In the ceremony, they entwine ribbons around the staff to symbolize unity.
18. The children love to entwine colorful strings to create friendship bracelets.
19. The two streams entwine to form a small river.
20. The twins often entwine their fingers when they are feeling anxious.
21. The gardeners entwine roses around the archway for the wedding.
22. During the dance, partners entwine and move gracefully across the floor.
23. The script entwine elements of comedy and tragedy in a captivating way.
24. You should carefully entwine the lights around the tree without tangling them.



intertwine, separate, untangle, disconnect


Prefix en-, Options and Determinations, Convoluted and Cryptic, Connections and Interactions

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