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How to pronounce intrepid (audio)


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Dictionary definition of intrepid

Brave and fearless, willing to face danger or difficulty without showing fear.
"The intrepid reporter uncovered the truth behind the story."

Detailed meaning of intrepid

It is an adjective that describes a person who is bold and determined, who is not easily discouraged or deterred by obstacles or challenges. It implies a sense of courage and determination. For example, a person might be intrepid in the face of adversity, or intrepid in exploring a new place.

In general, the term implies that there is a person who is brave and fearless, willing to face danger or difficulty without showing fear, and that this person is bold and determined, and not easily discouraged or deterred by obstacles or challenges, and that it implies a sense of courage and determination, whether it's in personal, professional, or adventurous scenarios.

Example sentences containing intrepid

1. The intrepid explorer ventured into the uncharted jungle.
2. Her intrepid spirit was admired by all her peers.
3. Despite the risk, the intrepid scientist continued his research.
4. The intrepid journalist braved the war zone to get the story.
5. His intrepid nature led him to scale the highest mountains.
6. The novel is about an intrepid heroine who saves her town.

History and etymology of intrepid

The adjective 'intrepid' has its origins in Latin, derived from 'intrepidus,' which is a combination of 'in-' (meaning 'not') and 'trepidus' (meaning 'alarmed' or 'fearful'). In Latin, 'intrepidus' described individuals who were fearless and unalarmed, willing to face danger or difficulty without showing fear. This sense of bravery and fearlessness was retained when 'intrepid' was adopted into English. It is used to describe individuals who are known for their courage and the willingness to confront challenges or dangers without hesitation. The etymology of 'intrepid' underscores its historical connection to the concept of being unalarmed and fearless in the face of adversity, emphasizing the qualities of bravery and unwavering determination.

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Further usage examples of intrepid

1. Intrepid travelers seek adventures off the beaten path.
2. The intrepid detective didn't rest until the case was solved.
3. Despite the steep trail, the intrepid hiker pressed on.
4. As an intrepid entrepreneur, she wasn't afraid to take risks.
5. The intrepid team embarked on a mission to save the endangered species.
6. Her intrepid actions inspired others to fight for justice.
7. Intrepid investors are not deterred by volatile markets.
8. The intrepid child amazed everyone with his courage during the emergency.
9. He's an intrepid sailor who's crossed the Atlantic single-handedly.
10. With an intrepid heart, the soldier marched into the battlefield.
11. Intrepid adventurers often find themselves in dangerous situations.
12. His intrepid approach towards life made him a successful businessman.
13. As an intrepid reporter, she was always at the scene first.
14. Despite his age, he remained an intrepid explorer at heart.



brave, timid, cowardly, fearful


Admiration and Respect, Ambition and Drive, Assurance and Confidence, Obstacles and Hardships, Fortitude and Rebellion, Resilience and Resolve, Persistence and Perseverance, Endurance and Resilience, Middle School 2, Confidence and Optimism

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